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  • Broadband Seismic in incredible India

    EAGE/SPG are proud to announce the first joint workshop on Broadband Seismic that will be held in Mumbai, India from 2-4 June 2014.  Join us in reviewing and comparing current marine seismic towed-streamer broadband technologies as well as new advances in land and ocean bottom equipment/acquisition design. Register before 2 May 2014 to benefit from reduced fees!

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    Land and Ocean Bottom Workshop

    The EAGE Workshop Land and Ocean Bottom (28 April – 2 May 2014; Mallorca, Spain) is themed 'Broadband full azimuth seismic surveys'. It will focus on the new advances in land and ocean bottom equipment/acquisition design, processing and reservoir characterization that are resulting in unparalleled signal-to-noise quality. Do not miss the chance and register now!

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    Near Surface Geoscience 2014!

    EAGE invites you to the international Conference & Exhibition on Near Surface Geoscience (14-18 September 2014, Athens, Greece). The Call for Abstract deadline has been extended to 22 April 2014 for the two sub-conferences of the event: The '20th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics' and the 'First Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference'.