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Introduction to EAGE membership

Welcome to EAGE, one of the largest multidisciplinary geoscience associations in the world. We welcome professionals, academics and students from all over the globe as our members. Interested in joining us? We invite you to explore the EAGE membership benefits and the different membership types we offer.

Is EAGE membership something for me?

EAGE currently has more than 19,000 members worldwide. Although traditionally European, we are active on a global scale with offices in the Netherlands, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Russia. 

All members of EAGE are professionally involved in or studying geophysics, petroleum exploration, geology reservoir engineering, mining and / or civil engineering. The association therefore welcomes people for a wide variety of backgrounds and interests.

Conditions for membership include a relevant academic qualification, or working towards such a qualification. Any person who does not possess this, but who has been engaged in the relevant fields of interest of the association for at least five years, is also eligible for membership.

There is a range of reasons why EAGE membership would be suitable for you.  The association provides networking opportunities for its members through the events we organize. The dissemination of knowledge through our database EarthDoc (over 60,000 titles indexed), our journals and monthly magazine First Break is another. For a full overview of the benefits, we invite you to go to our Membership Benefits webpage.

How much does it cost?

EAGE membership runs from January to December and only costs € 50 for professionals and academics. Full-time students can apply for the discounted fee of € 25, with the option to apply for a sponsored student membership for the first year.

Convinced? Become a member here!