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Wednesday 03 June 2015 - morning

Executive session on ‘Boldness versus Risk in Exploration’

Chairmen: J.J. Biteau (Total)
  L. Bertelli (Eni)

More than it used to be in the last decades, Exploration today has to head towards new frontiers, needing more of a pioneer mind-set, like our forerunners, one century ago.
During recent years, many oil and gas discoveries have been made into new and unexpected structural settings in deep offshore environments such as highly steep dipping margin or outboard deltas toe Basins, but also in very recent grabens located onshore exhibiting very particular thermal regimes able to protect oils from biodegradation. At the heart of this recent successful HC Exploration, one most often finds boldness, interpreting weak signs, testing new concepts and managing new paradigms (e.g. unconventional), and one finds always risk taking often facing oppositions in the company organization... Read more

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Thursday 04 June 2015 - morning

Executive session on ‘Unconventional Regulations’

Chairmen: M. Marzo (University of Barcelona)
  M. Baena (Repsol)

Since 2011, the impact of the unconventional boom in the United States has been felt at the global level. While the US economy is resisting the recession, the rest of the world is struggling, being one of the drivers the access to the energy.
Unconventional development outside North America is taking place mainly in no mature basins. Such areas are more a frontier in terms of exploration and development.
In order to identify favorable geologic and engineer areas for onshore  unconventional targets, a different way of thinking needs to be applied, different from the conventional onshore exploration and alternative from the “American way” when targeting unconventionals.
The challenge is to benefit these differences and build a methodology that allows the industry to properly explore and evaluate, above and below surface, the unconventional potential yet untapped... Read more

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