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Saturday 30 - 31 May 2015

Architecture and Facies Hetereogeneities at Reservoir Scale of Carbonate Ramps - The Jurassic of Albaracin

Field trip leaders: Marcos Aurell and Beatriz Bádenas (University of Zaragoza - Spain)

Monday 01 June 2015

Facies, Depositional Sequences and Sea Level Changes in the Late Cenomanian - Turonian Platforms at the Center of Spain

Field trip leaders: José Ignacio Escavy and Manuel Segura (University of Alcalá)


Friday 05 June 2015

Relationships between Tectonic Activity and the Sedimentary infilling of the Cenozoic Madrid Basin - The Linking Area between the Spanish Central System and the Iberian Range

Field trip leaders: Alfonso Muñoz, José Arribas, Eugenia Arribas, Josefa Herreo and José Ignacio Escavy (University Complutense - Spain)