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The main source for nuclear waste in Europe is the operation of nuclear reactors. By the international Joint Convention and legal requirements, each nation is responsible for managing the waste produced within its borders. Furthermore, The Radioactive Waste Management Directive (2011/70/Euratom) requires each Member State of the European Union to carry out research activities. The international community, as well as the European countries, consider that geological disposal is the most appropriate solution for the long-term management of spent fuel, high-level waste, and other long-lived radioactive waste.

Over several decades implementers, and scientists and regulators have developed the knowledge that this geological disposal is safe and technically feasible. The safety, siting and engineering feasibility of disposal of spent fuel, high-level waste, and long-lived waste have been assessed by waste management organizations, reviewed by the safety authorities and approved by governments as a basis for the site selection stage.

However, Research, development and demonstration (RD&D) activities will continue after the licensing process, in order to propose ways for optimisation of the disposal activities and increase confidence in long term and operational safety. All these activities will have to take into account the views and concerns of all stakeholders (political, technical and societal).

This session is open to technical presentations on on-going projects dealing with the design and safety assessment as well as update in the development of national projects of geological disposal.


Session Radioactive Waste Management - Policy and  Research
09:30 Introduction

WS03-A01 The Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform

J. Delay* (Andra), R. Kowe (RWM) & M. Garcia (Andra)


WS03-A02 Microseismic, Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Monitoring in Radioactive Waste Disposal and Feasibility Studies

J.M. Reyes-Montes (Itasca Consulting Ltd.), W.S. Pettitt (Itasca Consulting Group), J.R. Haycox* (Itasca Consulting Ltd.), M. Lopez-Pedrosa (Itasca Consulting Ltd.) & R.P. Young (University of Toronto)


WS03-A03 Near Field Characterization of Hard Rock Spent Nuclear Fuel Repository by Seismic Reflection

C. Cosma* (Vibrometric Oy), N. Enescu (Vibrometric Canada Limited), E. Heikkinen (Pöyry Oy), A. Joutsen (Posiva Oy) & P. Kosunen (Posiva Oy)

11:10 Discussion session
11:35 Coffee break
Session Representing  the Geological Medium

WS03-B01 High-resolution Seismic Characterization of the Shallow Subsurface Applied to Civil Engineering

D. Martí Linares (Institute of Earth Sciences), I. Marzán (Institute of Earth Sciences), J. Sachsenhausen (Institute of Earth Sciences "Jaume Almera" CSIC), J. Álvarez-Marrón (Institute of Earth Sciences "Jaume Almera" CSIC), I. Cienfuegos (ENRESA) & R. Carbonell* (Institute of Earth Sciences "Jaume Almera" CSIC)


WS03-B02 Application of Diffraction Imaging and Steered Migration to 3D Seismic Data from the South West Hub CCS Project

K.V. Tertyshnikov* (Curtin University of Technology), S. Ziramov (Curtin University of Technology), A. Bóna (Curtin University of Technology) & R. Pevzner (Curtin University of Technology)


WS03-B03 Application Seismic Multiattributes Fuse Method in Shale Play

W. Liu* (BGP Inc.), X. Wang (BGP Inc.), G. Yu (BGP Inc.) & Y. Zhang (BGP Inc.)

13:25 Discussion session
13:50 Lunch break
Session R&D Bridges between Communities and Joint Programming

WS03-C01 Construction of Synthetic Shale Based on Physical Simulation Method 

X. Luan* (China University of Petroleum), B.R. Di (China University of Petroleum), J.X. Wei (China University of Petroleum), X.Y. Li (China University of Petroleum), J.G. Zhao (China University of Petroleum) & F. Gong (China University of Petroleum)


WS03-C02 Decline Curve Analysis for Low Permeability Gas Condensate Reservoirs - Effect of Fluid Richness, Inertia and Coupling

C. Johnson* (Heriot-Watt University) & M. Jamiolahmady (Heriot-Watt University)


WS03-C03 Towards a Joint Programming on Geological Disposal – The Joprad Project

J. Delay* (Andra) & M. Garcia (Andra)

16:20 Coffee break
16:40 Discussion session
17:05 Wrap-up and closing