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Three key discoveries in the last decade have triggered an exploration rush in distal margin sub-salt carbonates (following Tupi-Lula), in shear margins (following Jubilee) in the front of deltas (following La Rovuma). Only the first play seems promising and has brought significant volumes. Jubilee and la Rovuma are still exceptions and after a succession of disappointing wells, companies eyes turn again toward the mountain belts.
An estimated 15-20% of the conventional Yet-to-Find is still seen in the foothills. The last undrilled surface anticlines are being explored in Iraqi Kurdistan with somehow disappointing results.
The remaining reserves are thus in hidden structures or subtle traps that so far seismic cannot see. Concerning geology, most concepts have been established for 20 years. Academic research is now focused on surface processes driven by funding for CO2 and climate: thermochronology, source to sink, numerical modeling.
This workshop will therefore aim at reviewing foreseeable improvements either in seismic or alternatives methods, as well as to assess whether recent results in geological R&D have positive impacts on HC exploration. 


Session Methods and Integrated Approach
09:30 Introduction

WS04-A01 How Rift-related/Plate-forming Processes Control Structure and Shortening in Fold-thrust Belts

F.M. Mouthereau* (Université Toulouse)


WS04-A02 Integrated Workflow for Risk Assessment in Fold-and-thrust Belts

F. Roure* (IFPEN & Utrecht university)


WS04-A03 Coupling Tectonics and Surface Processes in Fold and Thrust Belts - Insights from 30 Years of Analog Modeling

J. Malavieille* (Montpellier University)

10:55 Discussion sessions
11:10 Coffee break
Session Kinematic in Foothills

WS04-B01 What are the Limits of Balanced Sections in Fold and Thrust Belts

J. Verges* (Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, CSIC)


WS04-B02 Apatite (U-Th)/He Thermochronology Data Interpretation in Fold and Thrust Belt - New Insights from Physical Point of View

C.G. Gautheron* (University Paris Sud), D. Mbongo-Djimbi (University Paris Sud), C. Gerin (University Paris Sud), J. Roques (University Paris Sud), C. Bachelet (University Paris Sud), E. Oliviero (University Paris Sud) & L. Tassan-Got (University Paris Sud)


WS04-B03 Balanced Cross-sections, Thermochronology and Unexplored Plays - The Peru Case Study

P. Baby* (IRD), Y. Calderon (Perupetro), C. Hurtado (IRD), N. Espurt (AIX Marseille University), M. Louterbach (Repsol), A. Eude (Toulouse University), S. Brusset (Toulouse University), M. Roddaz (Toulouse University), S. Brichau (IRD) & R. Bolanos (Perupetro)

12:45 Discussion session
13:00 Lunch break
Session Seismics in Foothills

WS04-C01 From Andes to Zagros - Variations in Structural Styles and Seismic Data from Two Processors’ Perspectives

R.W. Vestrum* (Thrust Belt Imaging) & J.M. Gittins (Thrust Belt Imaging)


WS04-C02 Broadband Seismic Imaging of Thrust Belt along the Outer Banda Arc in Indonesia 

M. Fujimoto* (INPEX Corporation), Y. Sasaki (INPEX Corporation), Y. Guo (CGG) & M. Ohara (INPEX Corporation)


WS04-C03 Fast-track 2D Seismic Processing while Drilling to Ameliorate Foothills Exploration and Optimize Side-track Trajectory

F. Sapin* (Total), H. Allouche (Total), G. Sterbecq (Total), B. Chevallier (Total), G. Guerin (Total) & P. Rochat (Total)

15:15 Discussion session
15:30 Coffee break
Session Case studies

WS04-D01 Inversion, Detachment Folds and Out-of-sequence Thrusts in the Papua New Guinea Fold Belt 

K.C. Hill* (Oil Search Ltd) & R. Wightman (Oil Search Ltd)


WS04-D02 Plio-pleistocene Thrusting in the Eastern Amazonian Orogenic Wedge (South Peru) 

M. Louterbach* (Repsol), M. Roddaz (Université de Toulouse), P. Baby (IRD), S. Brichau (IRD), J. Bailleul (Institut Polytechnique Lasalle beauvais (B2R)) & Y. Calderón (PERUPETRO)


WS04-D03 New Exploration Concepts in Zagros Fold Thrust Belt and Persian Gulf, Iran

S. Jahani* (NIOC), I.A. Fard (NIOC), S. Sherkati (NIOC) & M. Sepehrand (NIOC)

17:05 Wrap-up and closing


Posters (to be discussed during the breaks)

WS04-P01 Analogue Modelling of the Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt 

R. Darnault (IFPEN), K.C. Hill* (Oil Search Limited), J.M. Mengus (IFPEN), J.M. Daniel (IFPEN), J.P. Callot (UPPA) & J.C. Ringenbach (Total)

WS04-P02 Development of Detachment Folds on Syn-orogenic Sequences Including Salt Layers 

O. Pla* (University of Barcelona), J.A. Muñoz (University of Barcelona), O. Ferrer (University of Barcelona), E. Roca (University of Barcelona) & O. Gratacós (University of Barcelona)

WS04-P03 Genesis and Tectono-thermal Evolution of the Altiplano (Central Andes), from the Basin to the Orogen

A.M.M. Robert* (University of Toulouse), P. Baby (IRD) & M. Roddaz (University of Toulouse)