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We intend to bring together people studying the Mediterranean region, particularly those dealing with the Messinian sequence, either from an academic or exploration viewpoints. This topic would help to have a dialogue between those working in different segments of the Mediterranean (i.e. Western, Central and Eastern Mediterranean), using various approaches such as stratigraphy, sedimentology, structural geology, basin modelling, and petroleum systems analysis. The aim of this workshop is to discuss unresolved scientific questions related to the distribution, origin and tectonic influence of the Messinian Salinity Crisis (MSC) throughout the Mediterranean and its impacts for the exploration, more specifically the open questions regarding the deepest, unexplored parts of this major basin system.
A few examples:

  • How the Messinian Salt body was formed? What was the balanced between eustasy and tectonics related to the long-lived plate-convergence between the Eurasian and African plates? What processes contributed to the closure of the Gibraltar Strait?
  • How did the pre-confinement period affect the sinking of the marginal basins? How these basins (Tripoli Fm.) act as a source rock when a thick Pliocene series occurs? Or how are organized the lowstand sandy systems along the slope and in the deepest basin?
  • Are we able to distinguish multiple erosion phases, both on basin margins and in the deepest part or at least at the canyon mouth?
  • How to dececipher facies changes between evaporites and sandstones in all stratigraphic units?
  • Can be find other reservoir rocks (e.g., carbonates) within the Messinian evaporitic sediments?
  • Can be distinguished the isostatic contribution related to a rapid sea-level drop from the subsequent sedimentation of evaporites in the deep Messinian basin? What was the amount of thermal subsidence related to basin sinking and evaporites deposition? What was (if any) the impact of this type of subsidence on hydrocarbon maturation?
  • Can we really use the exploration experience gained in the Eastern Mediterranean to the Western Med or to the Adria?
  • What are the specific impacts of the different MSC scenarios for exploration in the Med?
  • What is the relative importance of post-, syn- and pre-Messinian play types in the Med?
  • What are the traditional, emerging, untested and speculative play types in the Med?
  • What are the Yet-to-Find hydrocarbon resources in the Med?


Session General Overview of the Messinian Salinity Crisis (MSC)
09:30 Introductions
09:40 WS13-A01 New Imaging of the Messinian Salinity Crisis - Uncovering a Salt Giant 
C. Gorini* (Université Pierre et Marie Curie), L. Montader (Beicip Franlab), M. Rabineau (CNRS, UMR 6538,UBO) & J.L. Rubino (Total)
10:05 WS13-A02 The MSC Salt Giant - Open Questions, Depositional Scenarios, Impacts in Term of Exploration, and Ongoing IODP DREAM Drill
J. Lofi* (University of Montpellier) & A. Camerlenghi (OGS Trieste)

WS13-A03 Messinian Salinity Crisis - Facts, Theories, Open Problems and their Implications for Mediterranean Exploration
M. Roveri* (University of Parma), R. Gennari (University of Parma), S. Lugli (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), V. Manzi (University of Parma), N. Minelli (University of Parma), M. Reghizzi (University of Parma) & B.C. Schreiber (University of Washington)


WS13-A04 Mediterranean Halokinesis and Hydrocarbon Plays - Much Ado about Everything
N.A. Hodgson (Spectrum Geo), K.R. Karyna (Rodriguez) & P. Esestime* (Spectrum Geo)
11:20 Discussion session
11:35 Coffee break
Session The MSC in the W-Med (part I)
11:55 WS13-B01 Messinian Salinity Crisis in the Mediterranean Basin - A Reference Model
J. Gerard* (Repsol), R. Bourillot (Ensegid), M. Esteban (Repsol) & P. Razin (Ensegid)
12:20 WS13-B02 Traditional and New Potential Hydrocarbon Plays in the NW Mediterranean 
P. Granado* (Geomodels Reseach Institute, Univ. of Barcelona), F. Sàbat (Geomodels Research Institute, Univ. of Barcelona), J.A. Muñoz (Geomodels Research Institute, Univ. of Barcelona), N. Mazzuca (ENEL Upstream Gas), G. Griffi (ENEL Upstream Gas) & R. Gambini (ENEL Upstream Gas)
12:45 WS13-B03 Evidence of Messinian Channels Deposits in the Valencia Basin from 3D Seismic Analysis - A Possible Messinian New Play
N. Ibrihen* (Repsol), H. Gonzalez (Repsol), L. García (Repsol), L. Perez (Repsol), L. Abushaala (Repsol), B. Krpan (Repsol) & A. Ponte (Repsol)
13:10 Lunch break
Session The MSC in the W-Med (part II)
14:10 WS13-C01 Tectonics, Erosion, and Climate Interacting at the Miocene Mediterranean - A Mechanistic View of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
D. Garcia-Castellanos* (CSIC), F. Sierro (University of Salamanca), S. Ledesma (Gas Natural SDG) & A. Camerlenghi (Istituto Nazionale di OGS)


WS13-C02 The Messinian Salinity Crisis in the West-Mediterranean Sea - Some Previous Results about the Messinian Events
M. Dal Cin* (OGS), F. Accaino (OGS), A. Camerlenghi (OGS), A. Del Ben (University of Trieste), R. Geletti (OGS), A. Mocnik (University of Trieste), N. Wardell (OGS) & F. Zgur (OGS)
15:00 WS13-C03 Palaeoenvironmental Evolution and Exploration Hydrocarbon Potential of the Messinian Tripoli in Sicily
R. Catalano* (University of Palermo), R. Sprovieri (University of Palermo, DISTEM), E. Di Stefano (University of Palermo, DISTEM), G. Lena (University of Palermo, DISTEM), V. Valenti (University of Palermo, DISTEM), G. Avellone (University of Palermo, DISTEM), L. Basilone (University of Palermo, DISTEM), M. Gasparo Morticelli (University of Palermo, DISTEM) & R. Scarantino (University of Palermo, DISTEM)
15:25 Discussion session

Coffee break

Session The MSC in the E-Med and the Black Sea
15:55 WS13-D01 Architecture and Stratigraphy of Messinian Deposits (Abu Madi Fm.) at the Mouth of Messinian Nile Canyon, Offshore Egypt
J.L. Rubino* (Total), E. Crouzy (Total), R.M. Campo (Total), C. Jardiné (Total), M. Khalil (Total), T. Rives (Total) & T. Rossi (Total)
16:20 WS13-D02 The Characteristics of the Messinian Salt and their Effect on the Pre-salt Exploration over the Eastern Mediterranean Ba
Y. Feng (Tel Aviv University) & M. Reshef* (Tel Aviv University)
16:45 WS13-D03 Why Are there No Messinian Evaporites in the Black Sea? 
G. Tari (OMV Exploration & Production GmbH), M. Fallah (OMV), W. Kosi (OMV) & J.I. Soto* (Granada University)
17:10 Final discussion