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Geological Processes in Modern Continental Margins and Basins

Convenors G. Ercilla (Instituto de Ciencias del Mar-CSIC, Barcelona)
  J.-A. Flores (University of Salamanca)

The modern continental margins and adjacent basins are privileged research scenarios to state many of the geological processes that are utilized in the definition of models used in hydrocarbon exploration. Their sedimentary register contains accurate information about the global (e.g., climatic, environmental and oceanographic) and local (e.g., tectonics, provenance patterns, fluid dynamic) variations providing new bases for interrelating all the observed characteristics. Today, observation of geological processes in modern marine environments uses a wide variety of proxies and also another disciplines of oceanography, as physics and biology. These new approaches are allowing to decipher new association of processes and to obtain new models and mind-sets for marine sedimentology. The session objectives are to report on progress and findings made on marine sedimentary systems, highlighting the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, as well as new observational criteria and results useful in paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental interpretation.

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