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Compressed Air Energy Storage facility at Huntorf - Monday 12 October 08:00-18:30 hrs

The world’s first compressed air energy storage plant, a gas turbine power plant, is located at Huntorf. The Huntorf Power plant pumps air at off-peak times into two salt caverns totaling 300,000 cubic meters. These caverns are between 600–850 meters deep. At peak loads this air is drawn out and burned together with natural gas.

After a guided tour at the Power Plant, we will move to the outdoor dinosaur museum with a 4 km hiking trail where 230 dinosaurs and other primevals can be seen. All prehistoric models have been reconstructed on a scientific basis. The National Geotop of the dinosaur traces shows 300 examples, found in 1980, which are still under scientific investigation.


Registration for the field trip above, can be done via the SES 2015 online registration page.