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How to Get There?


The City of Turin is well connected through its international airport, railways and it is easy to be reached by car. The conference centre is easily accessible by public transportations: underground and metro (less than 7 minutes from the city center) and tram and buses. The Lingotto railway station is located nearby and the venue is also easy to reach by car.

By air
Turin International Airport "Sandro Pertini" is 16 kilometers northwest of the town center and connected by bus, train and taxi at a fixed rate. Malpensa international airport is also connected by buses (2 hours).

By train
Turin is one of the most important national and international railway junctions. With 3 railway stations (Porta Nuova, Porta Susa and Lingotto) it is connected with local, national and international railways.

By car
Turin is linked with the main European cities, by a communication network expanded around all the Piedmont region, with Turin as the region capital. The main access roads in the city are distributed in all the cardinal points (A21 Torino-Piacenza, A4 Torino-Milano, A6 Torino-Savona, A32 Torino-Frejus).



Public transportation
Treno GTT Offering highly affordable prices, it connects the centre of Turin (Stazione Dora GTT) to the Torino-Caselle airport
Bus SADEM It connects the stations of Porta Nuova and Porta Susa to the Torino-Caselle airport

Getting Around in Turin

Public Transport

The city boasts a single-line subway system which runs from Fermi to Lingotto. It is the only automatic, driverless subway system in Italy. Turin boasts a dense network of overground public: 8 tram lines, more than 80 lines on rails and the taxis. A car sharing service is also available in Turin.

At night, in addition to taxis, the city also offers a GTT Night Buster which runs every hour and stops near Turin’s main nightspots.

First departure from outlying terminuses h. 0.30am, last at h. 4.30am.
First departure from piazza Vittorio Veneto h. 1.00am, last at h. 5.00am.

Ticket purchase

Tickets for public transport can be purchased from all metro stations but also at newsstands and affiliated bars/tobacconists (shops displaying a large T sign).

Centrale Radio Taxi 0039 011 5730
Centrale Pronto Taxi 0039 011 5737

Conference Venue Lingotto Center

Location Lingotto Center

  • The Lingotto Congress Centre is 10 minutes from the centre of Turin and the Porta Nuova train station.
  • Connections can be made by underground bus and tram. The Lingotto train station can be reached via the Olympic footbridge.
  • Visitors arriving from motorways or from city by-pass will be guided directly to the Lingotto’s underground car parks by road signs.
  • Turin’s Sandro Pertini airport is 16 km from the city centre and can be reached in 80 minutes by taxi, at a fixed rate.

How to Get to the Venue

  • From the main motorways
    Piacenza, Pavia, Genova, Savona, Milano, Aosta Frejus and Pinerolo
    Direction TORINO, continue on the South Ringroad
    Exit Corso Unità d’Italia then follow signs to Lingotto.
  • From downtown
    Access to the underground parking sectors
    From Via Nizza n. 230 and n. 280 bis.
  • From Lingotto railway station
    On foot follow Via Pannunzio, turn left in Via Passobuole then turn left again in Via Nizza.
    Estimated time: 20 minutes.
  • From Porta nuova main railway station
    Line 1, 6 stations, terminus Lingotto.
    Bus n. 1 or 35, get off after 12 stops.
    Estimated time: 20 minutes.
  • From Porta Susa railway station
    Line 1 - 9 stations, terminus LINGOTTO.
    Bus n. 1 and get off at Via Nizza/Via Vado stop.
    Estimated time: 30 minutes.
  • Pedestrian entrance
    Via Nizza 280.
  • By car
    Underground paying car parking entrance from Via Nizza 230 or 280 bis.
  • Bus gate
    Via Nizza 294.