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Information for Speakers

Please use the following links for additional information:
- Recommendations for Oral Presentations
- Recommendations for Poster Presentations
- The powerpoint template you can use for your oral presentation

Please find here the Presenter Name Confirmation form.

Information for Session Chairs

Please find below the gudelines for session chairs.
- Chairpersons Guidelines

Cancellation information

In case authors want to withdraw their abstracts please adhere to the following deadlines:

Withdrawal of abstracts before 30 June: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc and from the USBs/ flashdrives (proceedings).

Withdrawal of abstracts after 30 June 2015: your abstract will be removed from EarthDoc only, NOT from USB sticks/ flash drives, which have been taken into production by then. If the latter is the case and the author and/or the author’s company insists in removing the abstract, the production costs of new USB sticks/ flashdrives will be invoiced to the author (‘s company).

Cancellations of presentations after 15 July will be considered as a no-show and you will be disqualified from presenting at all EAGE events for the next 3 years.

Please note: EAGE cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, direct, indirect or consequential damage as a result of withdrawal, removal or non-removal of the abstract in any way.