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Welcome in Chania

We are honored to invite you to attend the 8th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society (BGS), scheduled to take place in Chania, Greece, on the 4 -8 October 2015. The 8th BGS Congress is the largest and most comprehensive geophysical event in the Balkans. The program consists of a large conference and technical exhibition providing information on the role that geophysics plays in the realms of geology, reservoir petroleum, mining, seismology, geothermal energy, engineering and environment in the Balkan region. The 8th BGS Congress aims to promote the importance of geophysics for the economic development of the Balkans, bridge the basic and the applied research in geophysics and present the role that geophysics play in the disciplines of geology, reservoir, petroleum, mining, seismology, geothermal energy, engineering, and the environment. We particularly welcome active and young geophysicists. We look forward to meeting you at the BGS Congress in Greece in October of this year.