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Complete Overview of the Technical Programme

Please find here the complete overview of the Technical Programme (PDF document 4 MB) and the programme at a glance here (PDF document 219 kB). Please note that this programme is subject to change. For up to date information, please kindly check the website or the mobile app.

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VSP Processing and Imaging
TypeOral session
ChairmanS. Soulas - BP
M. Charara - Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

13:30Tu G102 09 Traveltime Sensitivity Analysis for Walkaway VSP Anisotropy Survey Design
R. Zhou* (Halliburton), B.E. Cornish (Halliburton) & D. Quinn (Halliburton)
13:55Tu G102 10 A Methodology to Estimate Residual Source Statics from 2D/3D VSP Data
M. Lou* (Baker Hughes Inc) & F. Doherty (Baker Hughes Inc)
14:20Tu G102 11 Demonstrating Seismic While Drilling As a Powerful Tool to Reduce Depth Uncertainty During Drilling
R.S.H. Pettersen* (BP), J. Bailey (BP), D. Moody (BP) & S. Soulas (BP)
14:45Tu G102 12 Reflection Salt Proximity
Y. Li* (Shell Exploration & Production Co.) & B. Hewett (Shell Exploration & Production Co.)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu G102 13 Vertical Seismic Profile S-S Imaging with Vertical Vibrators
B.E. Cornish (Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.), B.A. Hardage (Bureau of Economic Geology, Univ. of Texas), W. Palacios (Halliburton), L.N. Torres (Halliburton), R. Zhou* (Halliburton) & D. Quinn (Halliburton)
15:55Tu G102 14 Two-dimensional VSP Elastic Reverse-time Migration with Attenuation of the Ambiguity Artifacts
V.G. Baydin* (Schlumberger), L.E. Dovgilovich (Schlumberger) & I.L. Sofronov (Schlumberger)
16:20Tu G102 15 Imaging of Blended VSP Data Using Full Wavefield Migration in the Common-receiver Domain
A.K. Soni* (Delft University of Technology), D.J. Verschuur (Delft University of Technology) & A.J. Berkhout (Delft University of Technology)
16:45Tu G102 16 Reservoir Characterization by Crosswell Seismic in Dom João Field, Brazil
M.C. Schinelli (Petróleo Brasileiro), A. Bassrei (Federal University of Bahia), B. Bryans (Schlumberger), S. Sharifian Schill (Schlumberger), C. Kolb* (Schlumberger) & H. Denaclara (Schlumberger)