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Technical Programme Overview

A PDF version of the technical programme can be found here [PDF, 75,8 KB]. Please note that the programme on the website will show the most updated programme.

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Tuesday 14 April 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Opening Session08.30Bellevue 2
Best of Tulsa10.30Bellevue 2
From the Laboratory to the Field10.30Bellevue 3
Advanced Waterflooding I11.20Bellevue 3
Pilot and Field Experiences I13.40Bellevue 2
Advanced Waterflooding II15.45Bellevue 3
Pilot and Field Experiences II15.45Bellevue 2
Poster Session16.35Bellevue 1

Wednesday 15 April 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Field Evaluation for IOR08.30Bellevue 2
Fundamental Science (Advanced Waterflooding)08.30Bellevue 3
Foams I10.30Bellevue 2
Fundamental Science (Pore Surfaces)10.30Bellevue 3
Foams II13.10Bellevue 2
Fundamental Science (Chemicals)13.10Bellevue 3

Thursday 16 April 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
IOR in Challenging Environments08.30Bellevue 2
Polymers08.30Bellevue 3
Alkali and Surfactant Flooding10.30Bellevue 3
Modelling IOR10.55Bellevue 2
Chemical Flooding13.10Bellevue 3
Modelling IOR (Advanced Waterflooding)13.10Bellevue 2
Heavy Oil15.10Bellevue 3
Modelling IOR (Chemical Flooding)15.10Bellevue 2
Closing and Awards Session16.40Bellevue 2