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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Tuesday 02 June 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Anisotropic Velocity Estimation - Case Histories09.30N118
Carbonate and Evaporites Environments09.30N110
CO2 Projects (EAGE/SPE)09.30N117
Core Scale Rock Characterization09.30ePosters 1
Full Waveform Inversion I09.30N104
Geomechanics and Hydraulic Fracturing09.30N107
Integrated Data for Geological & Reservoir Models09.30N112
Modelling & Simulation of Reservoirs & Wellbores09.30ePosters 4
Multiple Attenuation09.30N114
Nodal Acquisition and Vibroseis09.30N105
Offshore and Onshore Investigation of the Near Surface I09.30ePosters 5
Permanent Reservoir Monitoring09.30N101
Petrophysics I09.30ePosters 8
Potential Fields I09.30ePosters 2
Rock Physics - Applications and Case Studies09.30N102
Seismic Imaging - Case Histories I09.30ePosters 3
Seismic Imaging Theory - Advances in RTM and Beam Migration09.30N106
Seismic Modelling - Numerical Aspects09.30ePosters 7
Seismic Reservoir Characterization Methods I09.30ePosters 6
Technique for Selectivity and Evaluation EOR (EAGE/SPE)09.30N108
Multi-component - Case Studies and Inversion09.55N116
Impact of Velocity on Interpretation - Case Histories 11.30N118
LWD + AVA - Case History11.30ePosters 8
4D Seismic Processing I14.30N101
Advanced EOR (EAGE/SPE)14.30N117
AVO - Theory for Imaging & Reflectivity14.30N106
Full Waveform Inversion II14.30ePosters 2
Geomechanics I14.30N116
Interpretation Theory - New Developments I14.30N105
Near Surface Imaging and Characterization14.30ePosters 5
Novel Interpretation Studies I14.30ePosters 1
Outcrop Analogs14.30ePosters 8
Petrophysics II14.30N107
Reservoir Characterization I14.30N112
Rock Physics - Numerical Simulation and Modelling14.30ePosters 7
Sedimentology and Structural Regional Geology I14.30N110
Seismic Acquisition - Land and Marine14.30N104
Seismic Imaging - Case Histories II14.30N103
Seismic Imaging Theory - Advances in RTM, Time and Angle Domain Migration14.30ePosters 3
Seismic Modelling - Topography14.30N114
Seismic Noise & Multiple Attenuation14.30ePosters 6
Velocity Model Building - Theory I14.30N102
VSP and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)14.30N118
Well Performance & Well Test14.30ePosters 4
Unconventionals I (EAGE/SPE)14.55N108

Wednesday 03 June 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Executive Session - Boldness versus Risk in ExplorationN102
AVO - Theory for Reflectivity and Inversion Algorithms09.30N110
Diffraction Modelling & Imaging09.30N116
Exploration - Plays, Prospects and Prospect Evaluation09.30N103
Foreland Basins & Thrust Tectonics09.30ePosters 4
Fractured and Carbonate Reservoirs09.30N118
Full Waveform Inversion III09.30N104
Microseismic and Passive Methods09.30ePosters 5
Multidimensional Seismic Data Reconstruction09.30N112
Reservoir Characterization II09.30ePosters 3
Rock Physics - Laboratory Studies and Theory Applications09.30ePosters 8
Seismic Attenuation I09.30ePosters 2
Seismic Imaging Theory - New Imaging Directions09.30N106
Seismic Reservoir Characterization I09.30N105
Seismic Survey Design and Acquisition Hardware09.30ePosters 6
Simultaneous Sources - From Theory to Applications09.30N101
Source Rocks and Petroleum Systems I09.30ePosters 7
Static Corrections and Near Surface Characterization from Body and Surface Waves09.30N114
Unconventional - Hydraulic Fracturing and Heavy Oil (SPE)09.30N108
Updating the Reservoir Model I (SPE)09.30N107
Velocity Model Building - Theory II09.30ePosters 1
Formation Evaluation09.55N117
Diagenesis in Clastic Reservoirs11.30ePosters 4
4D Seismic Processing II14.30ePosters 3
Broadband - Acquisition, Processing and Imaging 14.30N103
Electromagnetic Methods I14.30ePosters 2
Exploration - Plays and Prospect Evaluation14.30ePosters 7
Full Waveform Inversion IV14.30ePosters 1
Geological Processes in Modern Continental Margins and Basins14.30N110
History Matching and Uncertainty14.30N117
HPC - Methods on Manycore Architectures14.30ePosters 4
Improving Your Image - Stacking & Moveout14.30N107
Interpretation Theory - New Developments II14.30ePosters 5
Microseismic Event Detection and Localization14.30N116
Potential Fields II14.30N112
Rock Physics - Modelling and Theory14.30N106
Seismic Anisotropy in Fractured Reservoirs I14.30N105
Seismic Imaging Theory - From Rugged Topography to Anisotropic Subsurface14.30ePosters 6
Seismic Imaging Theory - Improved Imaging via Multiples and LS Approach14.30N101
Seismic Modelling - Anisotropy14.30N114
Smart Water and Low Salinity - EOR (SPE)14.30N108
Source Rocks and Petroleum Systems II14.30N102
Subsalt and Sub Basalt Exploration and Development14.30N104
Unconventionals II (SPE)14.30ePosters 8
Well performance (SPE)14.30N118

Thursday 04 June 2015
SessionStarting timeLocation
Executive Session - 'Unconventional Regulations'N102
4D Seismic Monitoring and Management09.30N101
Broadband - Case Studies and Land09.30ePosters 7
CO2 Capture and Storage09.30ePosters 3
Electromagnetic Methods II09.30N105
EOR Using Polymer and Thermal Techniques (SPE)09.30N118
Full Waveform Inversion V09.30N104
Integrated Dynamic Modelling (SPE)09.30N108
Multi-component - P and S Wave Field Acquisition and Processing09.30ePosters 2
Offshore and Onshore Investigation of the Near Surface II09.30N107
Pore pressure & AVO-AVA Case Histories09.30N114
Rift Systems - Tectonics and Sedimentation09.30N112
Rock Physics Trends for Shale and Anisotropic Formations09.30N106
Seismic Anisotropy in Fractured Reservoirs09.30ePosters 5
Seismic Data Interpolation and Reconstruction09.30ePosters 8
Seismic Modelling - Applications I09.30ePosters 1
Seismic Noise Attenuation09.30N116
Seismic Reservoir Characterization Methods II09.30ePosters 4
Shale Geology09.30N110
Transforms in Seismic Signal Processing09.30ePosters 6
Updating the Reservoir Model II (SPE)09.30N117
Wide/Multi-azimuth Broadband Acquisition and Processing09.30N103
Data Visualisation, Optimisation and Management11.30ePosters 5
4D Seismic Interpretation14.30ePosters 6
Advances in HPC for Geophysical Applications14.30N112
Broadband - Deghosting14.30N103
Building Velocity Models in Difficult Areas14.30ePosters 3
Electromagnetic Methods III14.30N105
Enhanced Oil Recovery14.30N118
Exploration and Fields - Case Histories and Unconventionals14.30N101
Fault and Fracture Characterization14.30N110
Field Management and Assisted Production (SPE)14.30ePosters 8
Full Waveform Inversion VI14.30N104
Full Waveform Inversion VII14.30ePosters 5
Geomechanics II14.30ePosters 1
Microseismic Imaging and Inversion14.30N108
Multiples - Prediction and Subtraction14.30ePosters 4
Novel Interpretation Studies II14.30N106
Sedimentology and Structural Regional Geology II14.30ePosters 7
Seismic Attenuation II14.30N107
Seismic Modelling - Applications II14.30N114
Seismic Reservoir Characterization II14.30N102
Seismic Signal Processing Methods and Applications14.30N116
Unconventional Reservoir (SPE)14.30N117
VSP and Borehole Seismic14.30ePosters 2
Reserves Estimation & Classification16.30ePosters 3