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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Permanent Reservoir Monitoring
TypeOral session
ChairmanG.F.T. Watts - Watts Geoscience Consulting Ltd
D. Chalenski - Shell

09:30Tu N101 01 The Startup of Permanent Reservoir Monitoring for Snorre and Grane
M. Thompson* (Statoil ASA), M. Andersen (Statoil ASA), R.M. Elde (Statoil ASA), S.S. Roy (Statoil ASA) & S.M. Skogland (Statoil ASA)
09:55Tu N101 02 First Results of 4D Monitoring from the Deepwater BC-10 Life of Field Seismic (LoFS), Brasil
M.A. Galarraga* (Shell Brasil Petroleo Ltda), K. Wang (Shell E&P) & H.G. Farmer (Shell E&P)
10:20Tu N101 03 Using High-order Multiples to Extend Reservoir Illumination for Time-lapse Monitoring - Application to Jubarte PRM
D. Lecerf* (Petroleum Geo-Services), A. Valenciano (Petroleum Geo-Services), N. Chemingui (Petroleum Geo-Services) & S. Lu (Petroleum Geo-Services)
10:45Tu N101 04 Real Time Caprock Integrity Monitoring Becomes Reality
T. Matveeva* (Octio AS), E.V. Bergfjord (Octio AS), J.E. Lindgård (Octio AS) & S. Bussat (Statoil ASA)
11:10 Break
11:30Tu N101 05 Quantitative Interpretation of Nine Months of Daily SeisMovie™ Data to Monitor Steam Injection at Schoonebeek
P.M. Zwartjes* (Shell Global Solutions International BV), T.B. Barker (Shell International Exploration and Production Inc), J.C. Hornman (Shell Global Solutions International BV) & J. Przybysz-Jarnut (Shell Global Solutions International BV)
11:55Tu N101 06 Imaging an Incoherent Wavefield without Cross-correlations - Chaotic Wavefield Gradiometry
S.A.L. de Ridder* (Stanford University) & B.L. Biondi (Stanford University)
12:20Tu N101 07 Subsalt Time-lapse Seismic for Reservoir Monitoring Using i4D in Deepwater
T.B. Barker (Shell), D.A. Chalenski* (Shell), G.M. Wainright (Shell), W.F. Reid (Shell), J.G.F. Stammeijer (Shell), D. Kiyashchenko (Shell) & P. Hatchell (Shell Global Solutions International)
12:45Tu N101 08 Monitoring of Offshore Reservoirs Using 4D Gravimetry at the Seafloor - State of the Art
H. Ruiz* (Octio Gravitude), R. Agersborg (Octio Gravitude), L.T. Hille (Octio Gravitude), M. Lien (Octio Gravitude), J.E. Lindgård (Octio Gravitude) & M. Vatshelle (Octio Gravitude)