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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Nodal Acquisition and Vibroseis
TypeOral session
ChairmanG. Hampson - DownUnder GeoSolutions Pty Ltd
M. Di Giulio - CEPSA E.P. S.A.

09:30Tu N105 01 Application of High-efficiency Nodal Seismic Acquisition in Niger
Y.L. Huang* (BGP,CNPC), W. Wang (BGP,CNPC), M.G. Zhang (BGP,CNPC), X.F. Liang (BGP,CNPC) & C.H. Wang (BGP,CNPC)
09:55Tu N105 02 High Density Seismic Acquisition Technique Using Wireless System in Arctic Environment - North Slope Alaska
L. Rodriguez* (Repsol), P.A. Munoz (Repsol), J. Uribe (Repsol), J. Bullon (Repsol), R. Parrado (Repsol), N. Sanabria (Repsol) & M. Polanco (Repsol)
10:20Tu N105 03 Operational Challenges of Nodal 3D Seismic Acquisition in the Sub Andean Environments
P.A. Munoz (Repsol), L. Rodriguez* (Repsol), R. Parrado (Repsol), J. Uribe (Repsol), M. Polanco (Repsol), J. Bullon (Repsol), N. Sanabria (Repsol), D. Berger (SAExploration) & G. Quintero (SAExploration)
10:45Tu N105 04 High Density 3D Seismic Acquisition in Murchison National Falls Park in Uganda
C. Kai (BGP,CNPC), J. Bai (BGP,CNPC), B.Y. Yang (BGP,CNPC), A. Turnbull (Total E&P Uganda), X.G. Huang (BGP,CNPC), A.Q. Wang (BGP,CNPC) & C. Wang* (BGP,CNPC)
11:10 Break
11:30Tu N105 05 Improving Vibroseis Data Quality with the Vibrator-ground Model
Z. Wei* (INOVA Geophysical) & Y. Pan (Lanzhou University of Technology)
11:55Tu N105 06 Higher Vibrator Hydraulic Force for Improved High Frequency Generation
N. Tellier* (Sercel), G. Ollivrin (Sercel) & G. Caradec (Sercel)
12:20Tu N105 07 Case Study - The Application of Low-frequency Vibrator in 3D Seismic Re-survey for Sub-salt Targets in Kazakhstan
C. Wang* (BGP, CNPC), Z. Tao (BGP, CNPC), S. Guo (CNODC), Z. Deng (BGP, CNPC), R. Zhang (BGP, CNPC) & Y. Li (BGP. CNPC)
12:45Tu N105 08 Separating Harmonics for Vibroseis Imaging
Y.S. Lei* (BGP.CNPC), J.F. Wang (BGP.CNPC), J.F. Wang (BGP.CNPC), M.J. Guo (BGP.CNPC), X.F. Liang (BGP.CNPC) & Y.L. Zhao (BGP.CNPC)