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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Interpretation Theory - New Developments I
TypeOral session
ChairmanL. Sonneland - Schlumberger
B. Jaarsma - EBN B.V.

14:30Tu N105 09 Geological Process Mapping from Seismic Data
A. Laake (Schlumberger) & M. Francis* (Schlumberger)
14:55Tu N105 10 Elastic Impedance Inversion for Effective Pore-fluid Bulk Modulus by Means of Trivariate Cauchy Probability Distribution
S. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum.Beijing), H.D. Huang (China University of Petroleum.Beijing), Y.N. Luo (China University of Petroleum.Beijing), Y.C. Wang (China University of Petroleum.Beijing) & X.M. Liu (China University of Petroleum.Beijing)
15:20Tu N105 11 Directional Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix-based Attributes for Fracture Detection
C. Eichkitz* (Joanneum Research Forschungesellschaft mbH), J. Amtmann (Joanneum Research Forschungesellschaft mbH) & M.G. Schreilechner (Joanneum Research Forschungesellschaft mbH)
15:45Tu N105 12 Enabling Interpreters to Use Seismic Image Uncertainty Measured from Common Image Gathers
C.E. Jones (BG Group), J.I. Selvage (BG Group), R. Ghosh* (BG Group) & D. Bright (BG Group)
16:10 Break
16:30Tu N105 13 A New Method of Generating Horizons from Seismic Images with Geologic Constraints
K. Wang* (Chevron Energy Technology Company), K. Wei (Chevron Energy Technology Company), K. Deal (Chevron Energy Technology Company) & D. Wilkinson (Chevron Energy Technology Company)
16:55Tu N105 14 Tracing Horizon of Ancient Riverbed Using Dip-steered Extrapolation and Multi-windows Scanning Based on Coherency Method
Q. Sun* (CNPC)
17:20Tu N105 15 Simultaneous Structure Enhancing Filtering and Fault Detection Using Plane Wave Prediction
Q. Xie* (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), B. Di (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), Y. Chen (The University of Texas at Austin), S. Gan (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)) & S. Jiao (China University of Petroleum(Beijing))
17:45Tu N105 16 A Novel Salt Body Detection Workflow
G. Larrazabal* (Repsol), P. Guillen (Repsol) & G. Gonzalez (Repsol)