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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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AVO - Theory for Imaging & Reflectivity
TypeOral session
ChairmanY. El Ouair - Saudi Aramco
A.J. van Wijngaarden - Statoil ASA

14:30Tu N106 09 Zoeppritz-based Joint Prestack Nonlinear Inversion of PP and PS Waves Using an Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
X.P. Pan* (China University of Petroleum), G.Z. Zhang (China University of Petroleum) & C.L. Sun (China University of Petroleum)
14:55Tu N106 10 Joint Facies and Anisotropy AVO/AVAZ Inversion Using the EM Algorithm
J.S. Gunning* (CSIRO) & M. Kemper (Ikon Science)
15:20Tu N106 11 The Role of Interfacial Impedance on Poroelastic Reflection Coefficient
Q. Qi (Curtin University), T.M. Müller (CSIRO) & B. Gurevich* (Curtin University / CSIRO)
15:45Tu N106 12 A Pre-stack Three-term AVO Inversion Method Based on Integrated Norm Regularization
Y. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), Z.D. Sun (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), C.Y. Fan (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), R. Rong (China University of Petroleum-Beijing) & L. Chen (China University of Petroleum-Beijing)
16:10 Break
16:30Tu N106 13 AVO Attributes from P-SV Data for Shale Characterization
P.J. Gustie (Univ. of Texas at Austin), R.H. Tatham* (Univ. of Texas at Austin) & K.T. Spikes (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
16:55Tu N106 14 Investigation of Amplitude Accuracy for Pseudo-acoustic Wave Propagation in Azimuthal Anisotropic Media
Y.X. Shang* (Tongji University), J.B. Cheng (Tongji University) & T.F. Wang (Tongji University)
17:20Tu N106 15 CRS Stack for Reservoir Characterization - A Case Study on 3D Onshore Data
N.-A. Müller* (Total S.A.), J.L. Piazza (Total S.A.) & M. Shahrukh (PGS)
17:45Tu N106 16 Redatuming Directly to Angle Gathers, for the Purpose of Target Oriented Quantitative Interpretation
A. Gisolf* (Delft-Inversion), P.R. Haffinger (Delft-Inversion) & P. Doulgeris (Delft-Inversion)