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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Geomechanics and Hydraulic Fracturing
TypeOral session
ChairmanM.A. van der Baan - University of Alberta
S.C. Maxwell - Itasca Calgary, Inc.

09:30Tu N107 01 Rock Fabric Influence on Hydraulic Fracture Propagation
S. Stanchits* (Schlumberger), J. Desroches (Schlumberger), J. Burghardt (Schlumberger), A. Surdi (Schlumberger) & N. Whitney (Schlumberger)
09:55Tu N107 02 Electromagnetic Characterization of Hydraulic Fracture Shape and Permeability
G.M. Hoversten* (Chevron), M. Commer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), C. Schwarzbach (University of British Columbia) & E. Haber (University of Britsh Columbia)
10:20Tu N107 03 Unsteady-state Flow to Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Well - Analytical Model
O.Yu. Melchaeva* (Gazpromneft Science and Technology Center)
10:45Tu N107 04 Stimulation Induced Seismic Property Variations
B.W. Al-Rumaih* (Stanford University) & J.M. Harris (Stanford University)
11:10 Break
11:30Tu N107 05 Impacts of Geomechanics on Multi-scale Fracture Network Characterization
K. Tezuka* (JAPEX), T. Tamagawa (JAPEX) & Y. Kumano (JGI Inc)
11:55Tu N107 06 Geomechanics and Applications - A Case Study From an Onshore Coal Seam Gas Field in Australia
N. Hummel* (BG Group), M. Parotidis (BG Group), J. Graham (BG Group), J. Wheeler (BG Group) & K. Foo (BG Group)
12:20Tu N107 07 Effects of Tortuosity on Fluid Flow through Synthetic Fracture Models
J.M. Sun (China University of Petroleum (East China)), W.C. Yan* (China University of Petroleum (East China)) & L.Y. Zhang (Geological Scientific Research Institute, SINOPEC)
12:45Tu N107 08 Taking Advantage of Hydraulic Fracturing to Improve Gas/condensate Recovery - A Case Study
M. Sheydaeemehr* (National Iranian Oil Company), B. Sedaee sola (University of Tehran) & A. Vatani (University of Tehran)