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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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VSP and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
TypeOral session
ChairmanC. Esmersoy - Schlumberger

14:30Tu N118 09 Full Wavefield Migration to Image Salt-flanks Using Turning Waves in Walkaway VSP Data
A.K. Soni (Delft University of Technology) & D.J. Verschuur* (Delft University of Technology)
14:55Tu N118 10 3D Full Wavefield Imaging of Up and Down-Going VSP Data
B. El Marhfoul* (TU Delft) & D.J. Verschuur (TU Delft)
15:20Tu N118 11 Advanced Borehole Seismic Calibration in Deep Water Reservoirs, a Case Study in Offshore Angola Block 31
S. Soulas* (BP UK), D. Hood (BP UK), R. Walters (BP UK), J. Verhaeghe (BP UK), S. Long (BP UK), J. Palmer (CGG Crawley) & E. Hiller (CGG Crawley)
15:45Tu N118 12 A Methodology to Estimate Anisotropic Parameters in Lateral Inhomogeneous Velocity Model from Walkaway or 3DVSP Surveys
M. Lou* (Baker Hughes) & F. Doherty (Baker Hughes)
16:10 Break
16:30Tu N118 13 Base of Salt Prediction Using Vertical Seismic Profiles
R. Guerra* (Schlumberger Wireline)
16:55Tu N118 14 DAS VSP Recorded Simultaneously in Cemented and Tubing Installed Fiber Optic Cables
C. Didraga* (Shell Global Solutions International BV)
17:20Tu N118 15 High Resolution Walkaway VSP at Kapuni Recorded on Multi-fiber DAS and Geophones
P.M. Zwartjes* (Shell Global Solutions International BV) & A. Mateeva (Shell Global Solutions International BV)
17:45Tu N118 16 Determination of the Optimum Gauge Length for Borehole Seismic Surveys Acquired Using Distributed Vibration Sensing
T. Dean (Schlumberger Oilfield UK), T. Cuny (Schlumberger), A. Hartog (Schlumberger) & J.C. Puech* (Schlumberger)