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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Broadband - Acquisition, Processing and Imaging
TypeOral session
ChairmanE. Fromyr - Petroleum Geo-Services
E. Kragh - Schlumberger

14:30We N103 09 Seeing Through the Noise: Seismic Survey Design in the Caspian Sea
J.B. Jackson* (BP), C. Brooks (BP), A. Dingler (BP), D. Harrison (BP) & D.J. Lawrance (BP)
14:55We N103 10 Increasing Acquisition Efficiency by Acquisition of Data During Turns, Using a Multi-measurement Streamer
P.A. Watterson* (Schlumberger), S. Mahat (Schlumberger), C. Cunnell (Schlumberger) & R. Ramsumair (Schlumberger)
15:20We N103 11 Data-driven Interpolation of Multicomponent Data by Directionality Tensors
A.C. Ramirez* (Statoil), F. Andersson (Anarithmica / Lunds Universitet), T. Wiik (Statoil) & P. Riste (Statoil)
15:45We N103 12 Case Study of Broadband Multimeasurement Streamer and Multilevel Source Seismic Data from the North Sea
A.V. Zarkhidze* (Schlumberger), Y. Abbas (Schlumberger), P.E. Dhelie (Lundin Norway AS), V. Danielsen (Lundin Norway AS) & J.E. Lie (Lundin Norway AS)
16:10 Break
16:30We N103 13 Unlocking the Full Potential of Broadband Data with Advanced Processing Technology, a Case Study from NWS Australia
J. Zhou* (CGG), P. Chia (Shell), J. Li (CGG), H. Ng (CGG), S. Birdus (CGG), K. Teng (CGG), Y. Phan (CGG), J. Sun (CGG) & Y. He (CGG)
16:55We N103 14 Deghosting through Depth Domain Inversion
P. Caprioli* (Schlumberger), X. Du (Schlumberger) & R.P. Fletcher (Schlumberger)
17:20We N103 15 High Resolution Imaging by Wave Equation Reflectivity Inversion
A. Valenciano* (Petroleum Geo-Services), S. Lu (Petroleum Geo-Services), N. Chemingui (Petroleum Geo-Services) & J. Yang (University of Houston)