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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Subsalt and Sub Basalt Exploration and Development
TypeOral session
ChairmanC. Le Turdu - Schlumberger
G. Liverani - CEPSA E.P. S.A.

14:30We N104 09 Sub-salt Model Update and RTM Image Enhancement - An Example from Deep Water Angola
C. Tyson (ION GXT), M. Kobylarski* (ION GXT), R. Walters (BP) & S. Long (BP)
14:55We N104 10 Sub-salt Modelling in 3D - Integration of Seismic, Well and Gravity Data Validated by Drilling
A. Price* (Total), M. Flouret (Total E&P), S. Rouyer (Total E&P) & C. Ayong-Mba (Total E&P)
15:20We N104 11 Pre-salt Carbonate Characterisation Using 2D Dual-sensor Data and Rock Physics - Kwanza Basin Case Study
N. Pernin* (Petroleum Geo-Services), C. Reiser (Petroleum Geo-Services) & T Bird (Petroleum Geo-Services)
15:45We N104 12 Depth Domain Inversion Case Study in Complex Subsalt Area
L.P. Letki* (Schlumberger), J. Tang (Schlumberger) & X. Du (Schlumberger)
16:10 Break
16:30We N104 13 Revealing Subsalt Structure Using RTM 3D Dip Gathers
Y. Huang* (CGG Services (US) Inc), Y. Li (CGG Services (US) Inc), C. Lee (CGG Services (US) Inc), S. Mothi (CGG Services (US) Inc) & Y. Huang (CGG Services (US) Inc)
16:55We N104 14 Suppressing Sub-salt Converted Mode Interference -An Example from Deep-water Angola
M. Kobylarski* (ION GXT), C. Tyson (ION GXT), R. Walters (BP) & S. Long (BP)
17:20We N104 15 VSP Measurements Used as a Tool for Sub Salt Near Field Development
T. Bartels* (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG), M. Gelhaus (DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG) & M. Humphries (VSProwess)
17:45We N104 16 Improved Subsalt Images with Shot Patch-based Angle Gather Illumination Weighting
Q. Sun* (CGG), R. Moro (CGG), W. Gou (CGG) & N. Chazalnoel (CGG)