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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Fractured and Carbonate Reservoirs
TypeOral session
ChairmanS. Geiger - Heriot-Watt University
Y. Zhou - University of Aberdeen

09:30We N118 01 Using Outcrop Data for Geological Well Test Modelling in Fractured Reservoirs
F. Aljuboori (Heriot-Watt University), P. Corbett* (Heriot-Watt University), K. Bisdom (Delft University of Technology), G. Bertotti (Delft University of Technology) & S. Geiger (Heriot-Watt University)
09:55We N118 02 Active and Interference Well Pressure Transient Data Interpretation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
K.L. Morton* (Schlumberger), F.J. Kuchuk (Schlumberger) & A.J. Fitzpatrick (Schlumberger)
10:20We N118 03 Fluid Identification Based on Pre-stack Elastic Integration in Carbonate Reservoir - A Case Study in Tahe Oilfield
S.Z. Sun (China University of Petroleum,Beijing), Z.T. Liu* (China University of Petroleum,Beijing), P. Yang (BGP,CNPC), H.M. Xia (Petroleum E&P Research Institute,SINOPEC), Y.Y. Sun (China University of Petroleum,Beijing), L.W. Yu (China University of Petroleum,Beijing) & T. Du (China University of Petroleum,Beijing)
10:45We N118 04 Research of Types and Causes about None-beaded Fracture-cave Reservoirs in the Ordovician Carbonate of Tarim Basin
H. Wang (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina), W. Yang (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina), W.F. Liu (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina), R.H. Wang (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina), C.H. Xie (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina) & Q. Yang* (Northwest Branch of RIPED,PetroChina)
11:10 Break
11:30We N118 05 Seismic Driven Carbonates Reservoir Characterization Process
M. Zen* (Repsol), N. Rodriguez Morillas (Repsol), C. Pellan (Repsol), T. Ait-Ettajer (Repsol), L. Fontanelli (Repsol) & B. O'Connell (Repsol)
11:55We N118 06 Characterization and Modeling of Natural Fractures in a Tight Najmah-Sargelu Formation, Dharif-Abduliyah Field, Kuwait
D. SinghaRay* (Kuwait Oil Company), P. Mukherjee (Kuwait Oil Company), S. Matar (Kuwait Oil Company), M. Alessandroni (Beicip Franlab, IFP, France), G. De Joussineau (Beicip Franlab, IFP,France), E. Perfetti (Beicip Franlab,IFP,France), T. Le Maux (Beicip Franlab,IFP,France), I. Al-Sammak (Kuwait Oil Company) & B. Al Matar (Kuwait Oil Company)
12:20We N118 07 Statistical Modelling of Fault Core and Deformation Band Structure in Fault Damage Zones
D. Kolyukhin* (Trofimuk Inst. of Petroleum, Geology & Geophysics) & J. Tveranger (Uni CIPR)
12:45We N118 08 The Effects of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure Curves on a 2D Karst Reservoir Model
D. Dominguez Lopez (Institute of Petroleum Engineering (Heriot-Watt U)), G.E. Pickup (Institute of Petroleum Engineering (Heriot-Watt U)) & P.W.M. Corbett* (Institute of Petroleum Engineering (Heriot-Watt U))