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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Wide/Multi-azimuth Broadband Acquisition and Processing
TypeOral session
ChairmanW. Dong - ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
K.R. Nunn - NunnGeo Consulting Limited

09:30Th N103 01 Multi Azimuth Survey Design for a Complex Carbonate Reservoir in Offshore Spain
G. Marro* (Repsol), P. Munoz (Repsol), G. Ocampo (Repsol), M. Polanco (Jaguar Exploration), C. Gordillo (Repsol), P. Ortola (Repsol), M. Hanzich (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) & J.E. Rodriguez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
09:55Th N103 02 Wide Azimuth Acquisition with Radial Domain Interpolation for Fluvial Morphology Interpretation
A. Poole* (Schlumberger), P. Bilsby (Schlumberger), M. Giles (Santos) & G. Morgan (Schlumberger)
10:20Th N103 03 Deep Water Sparse OBN Surveys - Processing Flow and QC
P. Kristiansen* (Schlumberger), D. Dangle (Schlumberger), E.P. Andren (Schlumberger) & N. Cockrell (Schlumberger)
10:45Th N103 04 Optimally Preparing the Surface Seismic Dataset for Azimuthal Studies and Inversion
G. Busanello* (Schlumberger) & B. Mitchell (Senex Energy)
11:10 Break
11:30Th N103 05 Application of Two Full Azimuth Anisotropic PSTM Algorithms for Fracture Analysis on a Complex Carbonate Reservoir
S.Z. Sun (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), H. Liu* (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), X.K. Sun (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), H.W. Xie (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), T. Peng (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), Y.G. Wang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), H. Zhang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing) & D. Zhang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing)
11:55Th N103 06 Adaptive De-ghosting by Kurtosis Maximisation
S. Grion* (Dolphin Geophysical Limited), R. Telling (Dolphin Geophysical Limited) & J. Barnes (Dolphin Geophysical Limited)
12:20Th N103 07 Derivation of Statistical Sea-surface Information from Dual-sensor Towed Streamer Data
T. Klüver* (PGS Geophysical AS) & H. Tabti (PGS Geophysical AS)
12:45Th N103 08 Assessing the Value of Low Frequencies in Seismic Inversion
A. JafarGandomi* (CGG), H. Hoeber (CGG), T. Coléou (CGG) & P. Mesdag (CGG)