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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Electromagnetic Methods II
TypeOral session
ChairmanR. Streich - Shell Global Solutions International BV
X. Garcia - CSIC - Institute of Marine Sciences

09:30Th N105 01 A Geologically Constrained Basis for Global Inversion of CSEM Data Using a Dynamic Number of Parameters
O.J. Skrede* (EMGS), J.P. Morten (EMGS) & L. Boman (EMGS)
09:55Th N105 02 Time Domain 2D CSEM Inversion with Induced Polarization
Ø. Frafjord (Petromarker), K. Key (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), S.L. Helwig* (Petromarker), A.M. El Kaffas (Petromarker, University of Suez Canal), T. Holten (Petromarker) & K. Eide (Petromarker)
10:20Th N105 03 Investigation of a Mid-crustal Conductor in the North Gjallar Ridge, Offshore Norway, Inferred from Magnetotelluric Data
R. Corseri* (EMGS), K. Senger (EMGS), S. Planke (Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research), D. Maharjan (Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research) & C.B. Pedersen (TGS)
10:45Th N105 04 Robust and Fast Data-Driven MT Processing
V. Markhus* (EMGS), M. Calvert (EMGS), L. Uri (EMGS) & C. Twarz (EMGS)
11:10 Break
11:30Th N105 05 Borehole-to-surface TFEM Technique Applications in Geologically Complex Areas
Z.X. He (BGP Inc), G. Yu* (BGP Inc), G. Zhao (BGP Inc) & T.Z. He (BGP Inc)
11:55Th N105 06 Joint Interpretation of Seismic and TEM Data from Oil and Gas Fields of East Siberia
O.V. Tokareva (Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company), I.V. Buddo* (Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company), I.V. Egorov (Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company) & Y.A. Agafonov (Irkutsk Electroprospecting Company)
12:20Th N105 07 CSEM Pre-well Predictions in the Johan Castberg Area, Barents Sea
L.O. Løseth* (Statoil ASA), J.O. Hansen (Statoil ASA), T. Wiik (Statoil ASA), M. Roudot (Statoil ASA), B. Dubois (Statoil ASA), A.K. Nguyen (Statoil ASA) & L.B. Henriksen (Statoil ASA)
12:45Th N105 08 TFEM Land CSEM for DHI in Oman - New approach and Opportunities
A. Al-Ismaily* (Petroleum Development Oman), S. Mahrooqi (PDO - Petroleum Development Oman), S. Rawahi (Petroleum Development Oman), S. Al-Azri (Petroleum Development Oman), H. Farran (Petroleum Development Oman), H. Zhanxiang (BGP Oil and Gas), W. Zhigang (BGP Oil and Gas) & T. Biyan (BGP Oil and Gas)