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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Seismic Signal Processing Methods and Applications
TypeOral session
ChairmanC.E. Yarman - Schlumberger-WesternGeco
U. Waheed - Princeton University

14:30Th N116 09 Imaging the Near Surface Using Surface-consistent Prediction Operators - Examples from the Middle East
M.G. Retailleau* (CGG)
14:55Th N116 10 Integrated Well-based Seismic Processing for Porosity Prediction and Fracture Characterization - A Sand-dune Case Study
M. Burreson* (Al Hosn Gas), N. Jones (Oxy Consultant), F. Pradalié (CGG), T. Le Ruyet (CGG), J.M. Maillart (CGG), D. Lafarge (CGG), M. Gendy (CGG), M. Mahgoub (ADNOC), H. Hagiwara (ADNOC) & D. Lawrence (Al Hosn Gas)
15:20Th N116 11 A New Way of Compensating for Water Column Variation by Velocity Estimation of Sea Layer
J. Kumar* (Petroleum Geo-Services), G. Jangelme (Petroleum Geo-Services) & S. Barnes (Petroleum Geo-Services)
15:45Th N116 12 Case Study - Significant Imaging Improvement Using a Bi-Azimuth PSDM Re-processing
L. Bencherif Sorensen* (Total Exploration & Production Norge AS), G. Mikkelsen (Total Exploration & Production Norge AS), B. Santos-Luis (Total Exploration & Production UK Limited) & E. McManus (Total Exploration & Production UK Limited)
16:10 Break
16:30Th N116 13 A Parsimonious Joint Space-time Plane-wave Decomposition and Deghosting Algorithm for Multicomponent Data
C.E. Yarman* (Schlumberger) & G. Flagg (Schlumberger)
16:55Th N116 14 Deepwater OBN and Source Designature - Using the Information in the Data and Improving the Processing
P. Kristiansen* (Schlumberger), D. Dangle (Schlumberger), E.P. Andren (Schlumberger) & N. Cockrell (Schlumberger)
17:20Th N116 15 Far-field Source Signature Reconstruction Using Direct Arrival Data
C.M. Davison* (CGG) & G. Poole (CGG)
17:45Th N116 16 The Suppression of Artificial Events in Super-virtual Refraction by Radon Transformation
B. Qiao (Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology), J. Cheng (Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology), W. He (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, CNRS), S. An (Peking University) & W. Feng* (Peking University)