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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Broadband - Case Studies and Land
RoomePosters 7
TypePoster session
ChairmanJ.J.P. Postel - Sercel
P.P.M. Feugere - CGG

09:30Th P7 01 Multi-Azimuth Variable-depth Streamer Acquisition and Processing - Martin Linge Case Study
J.C. Morante-Gout* (Total E&P Norge AS), J.P. Mascomere (Total E&P), L. Janot (CGG) & G. Mikkelsen (Total E&P Norge AS)
09:55Th P7 02 Wide-azimuth, Broadband, and High-density 3D Seismic Survey in Eastern Edge of the Pre-Caspian Basin
B.Q. Zhang* (BGP-CNPC), S.T. Jin (AMG-CNODC), R.J. Zhang (BGP-CNPC), T.J. Zeng (BGP-CNPC), J. Xiao (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)) & R. Li (BGP-CNPC)
10:20Th P7 03 Improved Imaging Inside Fractured Basement Using Broadband Technology, Offshore Vietnam
Z. Zhang* (CGG), J. Zhou (CGG), C.H. Chionh (CGG), J. Li (CGG) & G. Bone (CLJOC)
10:45Th P7 04 Analysis of Multi Measurement Broadband Data - A Case Study from the North Sea
A. Raj* (Schlumberger), O.P. Munkvold (Statoil), L.P. Letki (Schlumberger), P. Smith (Schlumberger), A. Zarkhidze (Schlumberger) & A. Cooke (Schlumberger)
11:10 Break
11:30Th P7 05 An Evaluation of Pre-stack Broadband Processing Technologies Offshore Namibia
L.P. Blunn (BP), L. Hodgson (BP), L. Saxton (BP) & B. Moseley* (BP)
11:55Th P7 06 Enhancing 3D Broadband Land Seismic Data with Smart Super Groups for Processing and FWI
D. Neklyudov* (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics SB RAS), A. Bakulin (EXPEC ARC, Geophysics Technology, Saudi Aramco), M. Dmitriev (EXPEC ARC, Geophysics Technology, Saudi Aramco) & P. Golikov (EXPEC ARC, Geophysics Technology, Saudi Aramco)
12:20Th P7 07 Vibrator Harmonics - Noise or Signal?
H. Akhondi-Asl (Schlumberger) & P.L. Vermeer* (Schlumberger)
12:45Th P7 08 Quantitative Analysis of Point Receiver 3D Seismic for Optimum and Cost Effective Survey Design, Case Study
A.H. El-Emam* (Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.C.)) & A. El-Sabaa (Schlumberger)