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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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CO2 Capture and Storage
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ChairmanH. Foedisch - Clausthal University of Technology
R. Pevzner - Curtin University of Technology

09:30Th P3 01 Flow through Experiment on CO2-brine-rock Interaction in a Sandstone from the Altmark Gas Reservoir
F. Huq* (Institute for Energy Technology), S.B. Haderlein (University of Tuebingen), O.A. Cirpka (University of Tuebingen), M. Nowak (University of Tuebingen), P. Blum (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) & P. Grathwohl (University of Tuebingen)
09:55Th P3 02 Dynamic Pore-scale Imaging of Reaction in Heterogeneous Carbonates Using a Synchrotron Pink Beam
H.P. Menke* (Imperial College London), M.G. Andrew (Imperial College London), B. Bijeljic (Imperial College London) & M.J. Blunt (Imperial College London)
10:20Th P3 03 CO2-rock Interaction on the Example of Permian Sedimentary Rocks
M. Labus* (Silesian University of Technology Gliwice) & A. Lorek (Geopol, Katowice)
10:45Th P3 04 Study of Shale Wettability for CO2 Storage
N. Shojai Kaveh* (Delft University of Technology), A. Barnhoorn (Delft University of Technology), F.C. Schoemaker (University of Amsterdam) & K.H.A.A. Wolf (Delft University of Technology)
11:10 Break
11:30Th P3 05 Investigating the Potential of Saline Aquifers for CO2 Mineral Storage - PHREEQC Batch -1D Diffusion-reaction Simulations
S.M. Seyyedi Nasooh Abad* (Heriot-Watt University) & M. Pasdar (Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI))
11:55Th P3 06 Analytical Solution for the Effect of Kv/Kh on Plume Migration during CO2 Injection in Deep Saline Aquifer
B.O. Obioha* (Coventry University) & S.M. Shariatipour (Coventry University)
12:20Th P3 07 Experimental Investigation for the Effect of CO2 Sequestration on Oil Recovery under the Gravity Segregation in CO2 EOR
J. Han* (Hanyang University), H. Park (Hanyang University) & W. Sung (Hanyang University)
12:45Th P3 08 Numerical Modeling for Assessing the Effects of Thermodynamic Properties on CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers
M. Pasdar* (Pars Oil & Gas Company), S.M. Seyyedi Nasooh Abad (Heriot-Watt University) & B. Rostami (University of Tehran)