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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Outcrop Analogs
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TypePoster session
ChairmanG. Bertotti - Delft University of Technology
L.A. Rojo Moraleda - University of Stavanger

14:30Tu P8 09 Pore-scale Heterogeneity in Meandering Fluvial Reservoirs - A Triassic Outcrop Analogue
S. Henares* (University of Granada), L. Caracciolo (Chemostrat Ltd.), C. Viseras (University of Granada), L.M. Yeste (University of Granada) & J. Fernández (University of Granada)
14:55Tu P8 10 3D Facies Model in Large-scale Fan Delta Complexes (Montserrat and Sant Llorenç del Munt, Eocene, Ebro Basin, NE Spain)
M. Diviu* (Universitat de Barcelona), P. Cabello (Universitat de Barcelona) & M. López-Blanco (Universitat de Barcelona)
15:20Tu P8 11 Integrating Terrestrial Laser Scan Data with DEM for Regional Scale Fault and Fracture Modelling
W.S. Head* (University of Manchester), D. Hodgetts (University of Manchester) & N.T. Smith (National Nuclear Laboratory)
15:45Tu P8 12 Biofacies of the Lower Miocene Coastal Complex Deposits in NE Saudi Arabia
J.A. Estevez Gonzalez (Saudi Aramco), P. Brenac (Saudi Aramco), E.C. Lacsamana* (Saudi Aramco), H. Tourqui (Saudi Aramco), N.P. Hooker (Saudi Aramco) & N.S. Naji (Saudi Aramco)
16:10 Break
16:30Tu P8 13 High Performance Visualisation of Multiscale Geological Outcrop Data in Single Software Environment
D. Hodgetts* (The University of Manchester), T. Seers (The University of Manchester), W. Head (The University of Manchester) & B.S. Burnham (The University of Manchester)
16:55Tu P8 14 Geologic Modelling of Geobody Geometry and Architecture of the Huesca Distributive Fluvial System
B.S. Burnham (The University of Manchester) & D. Hodgetts* (The University of Manchester)
17:20Tu P8 15 Deciphering Turbidite Triggers by Core Facies Analyses. Implications for Geohazards and Reservoir Characterization
J.P. Corella* (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)), B.L. Valero Garcés (IPC-CSIC) & J. Gerard (Repsol)
17:45Tu P8 16 From Outcrop to Subsurface - Anatomy of a Triassic Fluvial Reservoir
C. Viseras* (University of Granada), S. Henares (University of Granada), L.M. Yeste (University of Granada) & J. Fernández (University of Granada)