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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Rock Physics - Laboratory Studies and Theory Applications
RoomePosters 8
TypePoster session
ChairmanD. Clarke - Shell

09:30We P8 01 Direct Measurements of Wave Dispersion at Seismic Frequencies and Gassmann Fluid Substitution
X. Wei (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), S.X. Wang (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), J.G. Zhao (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), G.Y. Tang (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)) & H.J. Yin* (China University of Petroleum (Beijing))
09:55We P8 02 Effect of Heterogeneity Scale on Elastic Properties of Artificial Sandstones at Ultrasonic and Quasi-seismic Frequencies
D.J. Yuan* (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), G.Y. Tang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), S.X. Wang (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), Y. Qiao (China University of Petroleum, Beijing), J.G. Zhao (China University of Petroleum, Beijing) & H.J. Yin (China University of Petroleum, Beijing)
10:20We P8 03 Carbonate Pore System Evaluation Based on Prediction of Microporosity and S-wave Velocity under Pressure Effects
I.A. Lima Neto* (North Fluminense State University (UENF/LENEP)), R.M. Misságia (North Fluminense State University (UENF/LENEP)), M.A. Ceia (North Fluminense State University (UENF/LENEP)) & N.L. Archilha (North Fluminense State University (UENF/LENEP))
10:45We P8 04 A Laboratory Study of the Elastic and Anelastic Properties of the Eagle Ford Shale
V. Mikhaltsevitch* (Curtin University), M. Lebedev (Curtin University) & B. Gurevich (Curtin University)
11:10 Break
11:30We P8 05 The Rock Physics Analysis of Tight Sandstones Grain Size Classes with Image Based Petrophysics and Neural Net Modeling
I.S. Deshenenkov* (Saudi Aramco), K.A.T. MacPherson (Saudi Aramco) & G. Burmester (Saudi Aramco)
11:55We P8 06 The Effects of Saturation and Pore Structure on Acoustic Properties of Carbonate Rocks
C.B. Ayadiuno* (Saudi Aramco), A. Ali (KFUPM), A. Bakhorji (Saudi Aramco), S.S. Ali (KFUPM), S. Nizamuddin (KFUPM), A. Abdulraheem (KFUPM) & H. Eltom (KFUPM)
12:20We P8 07 Seismic Velocity Structure of a Fossilized Icelandic Geothermal System - A Combined Laboratory and Field Study
M. Grab* (ETH Zurich), H. Maurer (ETH Zurich) & S. Greenhalgh (ETH Zurich)
12:45We P8 08 Rock Physics Analysis and Fluid Contact Modeling in Vøring Basin, Norwegian Sea
M. Gonzalez Fernandez* (Repsol), P. Lukito (Repsol) & C. Cobos (Repsol)