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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Sedimentology and Structural Regional Geology II
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TypePoster session
ChairmanA.R. Gallego Mingo - CEPSA E.P. S.A.

14:30Th P7 09 Sequence Stratigraphy Linked with Other Stratigraphic Disciplines - Example from Lower Devonian, Eastern Saudi Arabia
H. Tourqui* (Saudi Aramco), N. Dossary (Saudi Aramco), A. Ghazi (Saudi Aramco), P. Breuer (Saudi Aramco) & E. Lacsamana (Saudi Aramco)
14:55Th P7 10 On the Nature of the Iberia-Africa Boundary in the Gulf of Cadiz - Evidence for Transpression and Implications
A. Ramos* (Universitat de Barcelona), O. Fernández (Repsol Exploración), P. Terrinha (Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera), J.A. Muñoz (Universitat de Barcelona) & A. Arnaiz (Repsol Exploración)
15:20Th P7 11 Quantitative Plate Tectonic and Paleogeographic Reconstructions of the Caribbean Region
A. Escalona* (University of Stavanger) & I. Norton (The University of Texas at Austin)
15:45Th P7 12 Structural Achitecture of the Madrid Basin from 3D Gravity Inversion
A. Olaiz-Campos* (Repsol), A.M. Mantilla-Pimiento (Repsol), A. Muñoz-Martin (Complutense University) & G. De Vicente (Complutense University)
16:10 Break
16:30Th P7 13 Classification of the Structural Landslides for the Natural Hazard Assessment
O.M. Ivanik* (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)
16:55Th P7 14 Extension and Inversion of Jurassic Hydrocarbon Source Rocks in the NE Part of the Asturian Basin, NW Iberian Peninsula
H. Uzkeda (Royal Holloway University of London), J. Poblet* (Universidad de Oviedo), M. Bulnes (Universidad de Oviedo), J.C. García-Ramos (Museo del Jurásico de Asturias (MUJA)) & L. Piñuela (Museo del Jurásico de Asturias (MUJA))
17:20Th P7 15 History of Sedimentation of Kalina Suite in Azerbaijan
M.A. Afandiyeva* (Geology and Geophysic Institute ANAS)
17:45Th P7 16 The Ager Basin (Eocene, Pyrenees, Spain) - Towards a 3D Reservoir Analog for Deltas in Foreland Settings
J. Pérez-Cano* (Univsersitat Autònoma de Barcelona), M. Zamorano (Universitat de Girona), O. Oms (Univsersitat Autònoma de Barcelona) & E. Remacha (Univsersitat Autònoma de Barcelona)