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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Modelling & Simulation of Reservoirs & Wellbores
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ChairmanH. Jutila - Baker Hughes
C. Preux - IFP Energies Nouvelles

09:30Tu P4 01 A New Approach to Reservoir Modeling and Simulation Using Boundary Representation, Adaptive Unstructured Meshes and the Discontinuous Overlapping Control Volume Finite Element Method
P. Salinas* (Imperial College London), J.R. Percival (Imperial College London), D. Pavlidis (Imperial College London), Z. Xie (Imperial College London), J. Gomes (University of Aberdeen), C.C. Pain (Imperial College London) & M.D. Jackson (Imperial College London)
09:55Tu P4 02 Massflow-3DTM-process Based Modeling of Sediments Transport to Understand Reservoir Architecture in Exploration
R. Basani* (Complex Flow Design AS) & E.W. Hansen (Complex Flow Design AS)
10:20Tu P4 03 Models of Oil-water Displacement - From Microscopic to Macroscopic Description
A.M. Meirmanov* (Belgorod State University), G.V. Reshetova (ICM&MG) & V.A. Tcheverda (IPGG)
10:45Tu P4 04 A Three-dimensional k-ɛ-kp Model for Oil- and Water-sands Multiphase Flow in Slightly Non-straight Horizontal Pipe
Y.X. Pan* (Hohai University), H.B. Zhang (Hohai University) & Z.P. Shang (Hohai University)
11:10 Break
11:30Tu P4 05 A Numerical Model of Hydraulic Fracturing Observed During Injection Testing of a Well in Adventdalen, Svalbard
M. Wangen* (Institute for Energy Technology) & V. Yarushina (Institute for Energy Technology)
11:55Tu P4 06 3D Modeling of the CoalBed Methane (CBM) Resources in the Taldykuduk Block Karaganda Coal Basin, Kazakhstan
J.J. Royer* (University of Lorraine), R. Sadykov (Kazakh British Technical Univ., Almaty, Kazakhstan), I. Panfilova (University of Lorraine) & E.K. Ogay (Kazakh Inst. of Oil and Gas. Astana, Kazakhstan)
12:20Tu P4 07 Environmental Monitoring of Underground Gas Storages
R.F. Sharafutdinov* (Bashkir State University CMND2S), R.A. Valiullin (Bashkir State University), A.S. Ramazanov (Bashkir State University), A.A. Sadretdinov (Bahkir State University), A.M. Sharipov (Bahkir State University) & G.R. Vakhitova (Bashkir State University)
12:45Tu P4 08 Uncertainties of Defining Slanted Wells in Black Oil Simulation
V. Farokhi* (Amir Kabir University of Technology(Polytechnic)), M. Hekmatzadeh (National Iranian Oil Co. (IOR Research Institute)), M. Gholizadeh (University of Tehran) & S. Gerami (National Iranian Oil Co. (IOR Research Institute))