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Please note: The technical programme starts daily at 09:30. This is an hour later than previous EAGE Conference & Exhibition events.
The technical programme is also included in the Programme & Catalogue, which can be downloaded here.


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Seismic Reservoir Characterization Methods II
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TypePoster session
ChairmanL. Aleotti - Eni S.p.A. E&P
E.C.C. Wildeboer Schut - CEPSA E.P. S.A.

09:30Th P4 01 A New Method for Porosity Estimation Based on Adaptive Critical-porosity Pride Model Using Seismic Data
L.F. Liu* (China University of Petroleum,Beijing(CUP)), S.Z. Sun (China University of Petroleum,Beijing(CUP)), J. Tian (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC), Z.T. Liu (China University of Petroleum,Beijing(CUP)), H.T. Zhao (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC) & Y. Neng (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC)
09:55Th P4 02 How to Infer Porosity from Seismic Data by Using Effective Medium Modeling? A Case Study in the Fort Worth Basin
M. Adelinet* (IFP Energies Nouvelles) & M. Le Ravalec (IFP Energies nouvelles)
10:20Th P4 03 Two-parameters Approximation and Stable Elastic Impedance Inversion for λρ
D.H. Zhou* (CNOOC), X.J. Liu (China University of Petroleum(Huadong)) & X.Y. Yin (China University of Petroleum(Huadong))
10:45Th P4 04 Seismic Data Preconditioning for Fault Imaging Using Polynomial Fitting
S.A. Al-Dossary* (Saudi Aramco)
11:10 Break
11:30Th P4 05 Integrated Rock Physics Based Seismic Inversion Workflow for Reservoir Characterization - Carbonate Case History
B. O'Connell* (Repsol), F. Ruiz (Repsol) & F. Obregon (Repsol)
11:55Th P4 06 The Theory of Pore-type Seismic Quantitative Inversion Method for Carbonate Reservoirs and Its Application
L.F. Liu* (China University of Petroleum, Beijing(CUP)), S.Z. Sun (China University of Petroleum, Beijing (CUP)), H.W. Xie (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC), Z.T. Liu (China University of Petroleum, Beijing (CUP)), H.T. Zhao (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC) & Y. Neng (Tarim Oilfield Co., CNPC)
12:20Th P4 07 Sweet Spot Prediction of Tight Dolomitic Oil of Fengcheng Formation in Wuxia Area, Junggar Basin, NW China
G. Zhang* (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), Z. Wang (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), Y. Chen (The University of Texas at Austin), L. Pan (China University of Petroleum-Beijing), Y. Sun (China University of Petroleum-Beijing) & Y. Guo (China University of Petroleum-Beijing)
12:45Th P4 08 A New Method for Sedimentary Microfacies Analysis Named MVF
Y.H. Ma* (BGP,CNPC), J.Y. Li (BGP,CNPC), Y.H. Bai (BGP,CNPC), B.Q. Zhang (BGP,CNPC), J.X. Ren (BGP,CNPC), L.Y. Wu (BGP,CNPC) & M.F. Zang (BGP,CNPC)