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Workshop description

Interpretation of seismic data seems easy. Horizons are mapped following the continuity of seismic amplitudes and faults are mapped according to their discontinuities. In practise it is often not so easy due to limitations in seismic data quality, but there is one unwritten rule that seismic interpreters often unconsciously assume: the seismic image is the base - and a base is certain. Consequently, the uncertainty of the seismic image is often ignored in further workflows when seismic interpretations are used to calculate volumes and to build geological and reservoir models. And these will be the base for decisions with high impact. The workshop "Interpreting the Imperfect Image" at the EAGE Annual Meeting 2013 in London explored the key challenges and recent advances in subsalt imaging from survey planning, through processing and interpretation, in order to offer some insight into these problems and guidance towards finding appropriate solutions. This workshop aims to go one step further to investigate the uncertainties that result from the unknown subsurface and from acquisition and processing, and how they affect interpretation. In the workshop we will:

  • Examine the impact of acquisition design on illumination and subsequent uncertainty of the final seismic image
  • Assess the influence of the (anisotropic) velocity model on structural uncertainty, e.g., on the lateral positioning of steep faults
  • Look at interpretation strategies that allow to assess the seismic image uncertainty
  • Discuss research strategies that promise new techniques that will better quantify the seismic image uncertainty in the future

Presenters will be a mix of invited speakers and submitted papers. Authors who wish to participate can submit an abstract via the website.

Workshop format

The workshop shall consist of oral and poster presentations depending on the number of papers and will leave ample time for floor discussion.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry and in the academia, who are interested in uncertainties within the seismic technology. 


Session Acquisition & the Uncertain Seismic Image
09:30 Introduction
09:45 WS12-A01 Mitigating Uncertainties in Towed Streamer Acquisition and Imaging by Survey Planning
M.T. Widmaier* (Petroleum Geo-Services)
10:10 WS12-A02 Understanding and Analysing Seismic Images - Insight through Appropriate Modelling
I. Lecomte* (NORSAR/University of Oslo), P. Lubrano-Lavadera (NORSAR) & D.W. Schmid (University of Oslo)
10:35 Coffee break
Session Imaging / Processing the Uncertain Seismic Image
10:55 WS12-B01 Five Questions you Should Ask about Seismic Uncertainty Results
D. Nichols* (Schlumberger PetroTechnical Services)
11:20 WS12-B02 5D Local Angle Domain Gathers as an Ideal Representation for Directivity Driven Imaging
D. Chase* (Paradigm) & Z. Koren (Paradigm)
11:45 WS12-B03 Seismic Imaging in and around Salt Bodies - Problems and Pitfalls Update
I.F. Jones* (ION Geophysical) & I. Davison (EarthMoves)
12:10 Discussion session
12:50 Lunch break
Session TD-conversion / Interpretation of the Uncertain Seismic Image
13:50 WS12-C01 Imaged Depth Versus True Depth
M. Al-Chalabi* (Petrotech Consultancy)
14:15 WS12-C02 Withdrawn presentation
14:40 WS12-C03 Quantifying Seismic Interpretation and Modeling Uncertainties while Building Salt Caverns
B. Otto* (Wintershall Holding GmbH)
15:05 Coffee break
Session Future of the Uncertain Seismic Image
15:25 WS12-D01 Estimation of Spatial Uncertainties in Tomographic Images
M. Jordan* (SINTEF Petroleum Research)
15:50 WS12-D02 Geostatistical Velocity Models for Assessing Seismic Uncertainty - An Application To Sub-salt Imaging
L. Li* (Stanford University), J. Caers (Stanford University) & P. Sava (Colorado School of Mines)
16:15 WS12-D03 Modeling Structural Uncertainty in Depositional Domain Using Structural Analogs 
O. Aydin* (Stanford University) & J.K. Caers (Stanford University)
16:40 Discussion session
17:15 Wrap-up and closing