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Field Trip 1

Topic: Architecture and Facies Hetereogeneities at Reservoir Scale of Carbonate Ramps - The Jurassic of Albaracin

Authors: Marcos Aurell, Beatriz Bádenas, Michelle Morsilli, Galo San Miguel and Luis Pomar (University of Zaragoza - Spain)

Field trip leaders: Marcos Aurell and Beatriz Bádenas (University of Zaragoza - Spain)

Date: Saturday 30 May and Sunday 31 May 2015, 07:00 - 19:30 hrs. (lunch bags, dinner, breakfast, overnight accommodation included)

Field trip description

The well-exposed Jurassic carbonate ramps in the Albarracín area, Iberian Basin, Eastern Spain, provides excellent analogs to stratigraphically equivalent subsurface reservoirs, such as the carbonate ramps of the Arab-D of the Middle East and the Smackover of the Gulf of Mexico. Critical questions regarding interwell-scale heterogeneity and correlation motifs for low-angle ramp systems can be addressed using continuous exposures that encompass a full range of inner to outer ramp facies.

The field trip will illustrate Jurassic (Bajocian to Kimmeridgian) shallow to relativelly deep water facies transects, showing a wide range of carbonate-dominated facies. Lagoons, ooid and bioclastic shoals, and coral to siliceous sponge microbial reef of different size and occurrence are the main players. Palaeoenvironmental, sequence-stratigraphical, and cyclostratigraphical interpretations will be presented and discussed. Particular focus are set on the reactions of the carbonate systems to low amplitude, high-frequency climate and sea-level changes and the use of sequence stratigraphy and depositional models to make improved predictions of reservoir facies quality as well as their likely lateral and vertical extent.

The Kimmeridgian coral-microbial reefs of Jabaloyas will be visited in this fieldtrip

Tentative itinerary Saturday 30 May
06:45 Registration at IFEMA
07:00 Departure from IFEMA
10:30 Stop: Frías de Albarracín
  Lunch Break
15:20 Stop: Moscardón
18:40 Arrival at hotel Albarracín 


Tentative itinerary Sunday 31 May
09:00 Departure from hotel Albarracín
09:45 Stop: Jabaloyas
10:45 Stop: Barranco de la Hoz
  Lunch Break
14:15 Stop: Arroyo Cerezo
19:30 Arrival at IFEMA