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Geomechanics and Energy Workshop to be linked with SES 2015!

We are thrilled to announce that the upcoming edition of the Geomechanics and Energy Workshop will be linked to the Third Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference & Exhibition (SES 2015). By combining the two meetings, we hope to create a strong multi-disciplinary and mutually reinforcing programme, making the best of the experiences and strengths of both the SES conferences and the previous Geomechanics & Energy workshop.

Due to the linked nature of the events, delegates will also be able to go to the technical sessions of the conference and vise versa, thus promoting the interaction between the traditional participants of SES and those of the Geomechanics and Energy Workshop.

Updated location and workshop dates

This linkage between the two events means the location of the Geomechanics & Energy Workshop will be moved from Brussels to the picturesque German city of Celle. In order to synchronise both events, the dates will also be changed to 13 - 15 October 2015.
To learn more about the SES conference, please read the text below and/or follow this link.

About the Third Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference & Exhibition (SES 2015)

The SES conference is a relatively new initiative and aims to create a platform for geoscientists from various horizons to meet, learn and discuss the ‘Use of the Deep Sub-surface to serve the Energy Transition’.

To meet the challenges of the energy transition, the geosciences can play indeed an increasingly important role in the sustainable use of the earth and its resources and in the conservation of our envi­ronment.

The conference is suitable for geoscientists and engineers working on any aspect of sustainable earth science, and we especially encourage students and young scientists to participate.

To learn more about the SES 2015 conference, please visit this website.