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The Langhe Region

Thursday 10 September 2015, 08:30 - 18:30

Field Trip Leader: Cesare Comina (University of Turin)


This field trip to the Langhe Region, the famous hills of wineries, will focus on the geology of the region. The Langhe landscape covers five distinct wine-growing areas with outstanding landscapes and encompasses the whole range of technical and economic processes relating to the winegrowing and winemaking that has characterized the region for centuries. The area is also affected by interesting translational soft-rock slides; unstable rock volumes slide along planar surfaces running appreciably parallel to, and often coinciding with, the dip direction of the bedding. These landslides are continuous, over the area, both in space and in time. The tour will include:

  • Morning: leaving from Torino, Langhe tour with sightseeing of outstanding vineyards landscapes and a visit to one of the few still visible planar slidings.
  • Afternoon: tour of the vineyards


Preliminary Programme
09:00 Departure from Lingotto Center 

Langhe tour with sightseeing of the region both from the vineyards point of view and from the geological aspects

  Lunch at Villa Contessa Rosa

Villa Contessa Rosa guided tour of the cellars with wine tasting

  Geophysical tour in the vineyards
17:00 Departure from Fontafredda
18:30 Arrival at Lingotto Center