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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Integrated Dynamic Modelling I (EAGE/SPE)
RoomSchubert 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanT. Manai - Schlumberger
P. Samier - Total

08:30Tu SBT2 01 Scalability and Performance Efficiency of History Matching Workflows Using MCMC and Adjoint Techniques Applied to the Norne North Sea Reservoir Case Study
R. Schulze-Riegert* (Schlumberger SPT TC), M. Nwakile (Schlumberger SPT TC), S. Skripkin (Schlumberger SPT TC) & Y. Willen (Clausthal University of Technology)
08:55Tu SBT2 02 Identification of the Compositional Path Followed During Reservoir Simulation Improves the Accuracy and Accelerates the Phase Behavior Calculations
V. Gaganis* (Technical University of Crete), N. Varotsis (Technical University of Crete) & S. Todman (Petroleum Experts)
09:20Tu SBT2 03 Reservoir Model Selection for Dynamic Simulation
J.H. de Kok* (SGS Horizon B.V.) & W.J. van Strien (SGS Horizon B.V.)
09:45Tu SBT2 04 The Potential for Predicting Production by Characterizing Fluid Flow and Drainage Patterns Using Microseismicity
T.I. Urbancic (ESG Canada Inc), L. Smith-Boughner (ESG Canada Inc), A.M. Baig* (Engineering Seismology Group Canada Inc. (ESG)), E. von Lunen (NexenCnooc Ltd), J. Budge (NexenCnooc Ltd) & J. Hendrick (NexenCnooc Ltd)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu SBT2 05 Multiscale Fracture Integration into a Multiple-porosity Model - Fracture Lumping and Optimal Number of Scales
A.M. Kamp* (Total SA), N. Legrand (Imperial College London) & O.R. Gosselin (Imperial College London)
10:55Tu SBT2 06 Optimizing Water Injection in a Shallow Off-Shore Reservoir
G. Kienberger (OMV), T. Clemens* (OMV), M. Persaud (OMV), A. Suri (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies), M.M. Sharma (University of Texas), M. Boschi (OMV) & A. Overland (OMV)
11:45Tu SBT2 08 Joint Optimization of Well Locations and Operational Conditions Using a New Hybrid Algorithm
H. Yang* (Seoul National University), M. Jang (Seoul National University), J. Kim (Seoul National University), B. Kang (Seoul National University) & J. Choe (Seoul National University)