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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Absolute and Relative Permeability - From Pore to Field Scale
RoomSchubert 4
TypeOral session
ChairmanA. Al-Awami - OPEC
S. Geiger - Heriot-Watt University

08:30Tu SBT4 01 A New Method for Calculating Permeability Using NMR T2 Distribution
M. Liu* (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), R.H. Xie (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)), C.X. Li (China University of Petroleum(Beijing)) & X. Li (China University of Petroleum(Beijing))
08:55Tu SBT4 02 Permeability Estimations Based on Internal Surface and NMR T2 for Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure (Eyreville Cores)
S.I. Mayr* (Freie Universitaet Berlin) & H. Wilhelm (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
09:20Tu SBT4 03 Clay Mineral Effect in Sandstone Reservoir toward Usage of Fluid Drilling Type. Study Case - Lisa Field, Tarakan Basin
F.A. Abdulah (Universitas Padjadjaran), M.S.A.A. Akbarsyah* (Universitas Padjadjaran) & Y.Y. Yuniardi (Universitas Padjadjaran)
09:45Tu SBT4 04 Two-step Upscaling Method Applied to Non-Darcy Flow
R. Guibert (INP-IMFT), P. Horgue (INP-IMFT), J.F. Thovert (Pprime) & G. Debenest* (INP-IMFT)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu SBT4 05 Numerical-simulation-based Determination of Relative Permeability in Laminated Rocks
M. Sedaghat* (The University of Melbourne), S.K. Matthai (The University of Melbourne) & S. Azizmohammadi (Montan University of Leoben)
10:55Tu SBT4 06 A Visual Framework for Reservoir Connectivity Analysis
R. Cabral Ramos Mota (University of Calgary), H. Hamdi* (University of Calgary), M. Costa Sousa (University of Calgary), E. Sharlin (University of Calgary) & Z.X. Chen (University of Calgary)
11:20Tu SBT4 07 An Investigation on Simulation Capabilities of Regular Based Pore Networks
S. Aghabozorgi Nafchi* (University of Tehran) & B. Rostami (University of Tehran)
11:45Tu SBT4 08 A New Model for Calculate Capillary Pressure And Relative Permeability In Reservoir Rocks Based On Pore Network Modeling
J. Deylami (Petroleum University of Technology), S.H. Mousavi* (Petroleum University of Technology) & M.C. Poppelreiter (Shell)