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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Imaging - Case Studies
RoomStrauss 1
TypeOral session
ChairmanY.N. Lin - CGG

13:30Tu SRS1 09 Valhall Case Study - Value of Seismic Technology for Reducing Risks in a Reactive Overburden
N. Haller (BP Norge AS), R. Flateboe (BP Norge AS), C. Twallin (BP), V. Dahl-Eriksen (BP Norge AS), P. Heavey (BP Norge AS), E. Kjos (BP Norge AS), R. Milne (BP Norge AS) & W.E.A. Rietveld* (BP)
13:55Tu SRS1 10 Interpretation-guided Image Enhancement Using RTM Vector Image Partitions
R.G. Gu* (Schlumberger), O.Z. Zdraveva (Schlumberger), M.H. Hegazy (Schlumberger) & S.B. Buzzell (Schlumberger)
14:20Tu SRS1 11 A Quantitative Approach to Reconcile Subsalt Images from Overlapping Surveys with Different Geometries
L.P. Letki* (Schlumberger) & M. Vie (Schlumberger)
14:45Tu SRS1 12 Improved Subsurface Imaging in Complex Volcanic Setting by Using Beamlet-decomposition-based Image Enhancement Methods
C. Tyagi (Schlumberger Geosolutions United Kingdom), M.S. Matta (Schlumberger Geosolutions United Kingdom), A. Menari (Schlumberger Geosolutions United Kingdom), B. Santos-luis (Total E&P United Kingdom), J. Dufour (Total E&P United Kingdom), M. Specht (Total E&P United Kingdom), L. Ward (previously at Schlumberger Geosolutions United Kin) & S. Gupta* (Schlumberger)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu SRS1 13 Enhanced Subsurface Illumination of Shallow Bright Spots with Separated Wavefield Imaging
S. Naumann* (PGS), G. Ronholt (PGS), S. Marinets (PGS), E.O. Brenne (Statoil) & M.F. Abbasi (Statoil)
15:55Tu SRS1 14 Third Time Lucky? Imaging the Dentale Formation Offshore Gabon
A. Pavlov (ION), J. Fruehn (ION), M. Sugrue (ION), B. Cox (Monarch Geophysical), J. Price (Harvest Natural Resources) & I.F. Jones* (ION)
16:20Tu SRS1 15 A New Depth Imaging Workflow for a Continuous Line Acquisition Survey in the North Sea
M. Yanez (Schlumberger), S. Joyce (Schlumberger), P.J. Whitfield (Schlumberger), N. Hall (Hansa Hydrocarbons), N. Jones (Consultant), C. Cunnell (WesternGeco) & T. Brice* (WesternGeco)