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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Modelling I
RoomSchubert 5
TypeOral session
ChairmanM.L. Vasmel - ETH Zurich

13:30Tu SBT5 09 Resonant Seismic Wave Interaction with Acoustic Cavities
F.M. Schneider* (University of Vienna), S. Esterhazy (University of Vienna), I. Perugia (University of Vienna) & G. Bokelmann (University of Vienna)
13:55Tu SBT5 10 Stiffness Reduction Method for Finite-element Scheme Elastic Wave Modelling in Heterogeneous Media - An Alternative to PML
X.X. Huang* (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), J.G. Zhao (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), Y. Xu (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), T. Long (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)), Q. Zhang (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)) & C.X. Liu (China University of Petroleum (Beijing))
14:20Tu SBT5 11 Optimized Staggered-grid FD Method for Elastic Wave Modeling Based on Elastic Plane Wave Solution
P. Yong* (China University of Petroleum (East China)), J.P. Huang (China University of Petroleum (East China)), Z.C. Li (China University of Petroleum (East China)), L.P. Qu (China University of Petroleum (Beijing)) & Q.Y. Li (China University of Petroleum (East China))
14:45Tu SBT5 12 A Strategy for Elastic Wave Simulation Based on Pseudo-analytical Operator Differencing
Q. Zhao (China University of Petroleum), Q.Z. Du* (China University of Petroleum) & C.F. Guo (China University of Petroleum)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu SBT5 13 Lowrank Finite-difference Method for Elastic Wave Propagation
Q.Z. Du* (China University of Petroleum), D. Han (China University of Petroleum) & S.A. Hou (China University of Petroleum)
15:55Tu SBT5 14 Efficient Quasi-P Wavefield Extrapolation Using an Isotropic Lowrank Approximation
Z. Zhang* (KAUST) & T. Alkhalifah (KAUST)
16:20Tu SBT5 15 Application of Perturbation Theory for P-wave Eikonal Equation in Orthorhombic Media
A. Stovas* (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), N. Masmoudi (KAUST, Saudi Arabia) & T. Alkhalifah (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
16:45Tu SBT5 16 Twin Wavefront Construction Approach to Simulation of Shear Waves in Transversely Isotropic Layered Media
E. Iversen* (NORSAR) & T. Kaschwich (NORSAR)