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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Seismic Noise and Multiple Attenuation
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TypePoster session
ChairmanA. Al-Mustafa - Saudi Aramco
T. Martin - Petroleum Geo-Services

13:30Tu P4 09 Adaptive Multiple Subtraction Based on 3D Pattern Coding
J.L. Liu (Tsinghua university, Beijing, China), W.K. Lu (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) & B.F. Wang* (Tsinghua University)
13:55Tu P4 10 Unified Suppression of Surface-related Multiple and Ghost in Local Plane Wave Domain
W.Q. Sun* (Tongji University) & H.Z. Wang (Tongji University)
14:20Tu P4 11 Breakthrough of Internal Multiple Attenuation with XIMP Technology in Tarim Basin
R. Li (Schlumberger China, SA), P. Wang (Schlumberger China,SA), M. Chen (Petrochina Tarim Oilfield Company), L.L. Luo (Petrochina Tarim Oilfield Company), Y.F. Cui (Petrochina Tarim Oilfield Company) & A. Dawson* (Schlumberger Geosolutions Gatwick)
14:45Tu P4 12 Apex-shifted Sparse Parabolic Radon Transform in Mixed Frequency-time Domain with Alternating Split Bregman Algorithm
Z.X. Li* (China University of Petroleum (East China)) & Z.C. Li (China University of Petroleum (East China))
15:10 Break
15:30Tu P4 13 Random Noise Attenuation by Learning-type Overcomplete Dictionary Based on K-singular Value Decomposition Algorithm
C.X. Yu (Jilin University), L.G. Han (Jilin University), D.X. Xu (Jilin University) & H.Y. Sun* (Jilin University)
15:55Tu P4 14 Seismic In the Arctic - Suppressing Seismic Noise Due to Vibrating Ice
K. Jensen* (University of Bergen), B.O. Ruud (University of Bergen), T.A. Johansen (University of Bergen) & M. Landschulze (University of Bergen)
16:20Tu P4 15 Noise Attenuation of Seismic Data Using Anisotropic Diffusion Method
Y. Moradi Chaleshtori* (Dana Geophysics Company), A. Kiani (Dana Energy) & K. Najafzadeh (Dana Geophysics Company)
16:45Tu P4 16 Targeted Noise Attenuation - A Method to Suppress High Amplitude Noise in Seismic Data
H. Alee Daneshvar* (Harrington Geophysics Company), M. Emami Niri (University of Tehran & Dana Energy Company) & Y. Moradi Chaleshtori (Dana Energy Company)