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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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13:30Tu P6 09 Volume Effects on Methane- Shale Adsorption under Reservoir Conditions
S. Yang* (University of Calgary), W. Wu (University of Calgary), J. Xu (University of Calgary), D. Ji (University of Calgary) & Z. Chen (University of Calgary)
13:55Tu P6 10 Integrated Development of Europe’s Largest Open-access Underground Gas Storage by Use of a Multidisciplinary Simulator
P. Bruijnen* (TAQA Energy B.V.), W.J. Plug (TAQA Energy B.V.), G. van Yperen (EBN B.V.) & W. Botermans (B-PES)
14:20Tu P6 11 Utilization of 4D Seismic Data to Semi Quantify Residual Oil Saturation by Karhunen-Loeve Transform and Neural Artificial Network During CSS
S. Yang* (University of Calgary), D. Ji (University of Calgary), Z. Gui (Yangtze University), Z. Chen (University of Calgary) & L. Zhong (China University of Petroleum - Beijing)
14:45Tu P6 12 Verification Of Geological Models With One Single Simulation Run
G.M. Mittermeir* (Mining University of Leoben), C. Steiner (Mining University of Leoben), M.M. Gharsalla (Zueitina Oil Company) & Z.E. Heinemann (Mining University of Leoben)