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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Dedicated - Towards Exascale Geophysical Applications
RoomLehar 4
TypeOral session
ChairmanM. Hanzich - Barcelona Supercomputing Center
A. St-Cyr - Shell Global Solutions International BV
P. thierry - Intel Corporation
G. Roeth - NVIDIA Ltd.

13:30We LHR4 09 Lossy Wavefield Compression for Time-domain Full Waveform Inversion
C. Boehm* (ETH Zurich), M. Hanzich (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), J. de La Puente (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) & A. Fichtner (ETH Zurich)
13:55We LHR4 10 A Parallelization Strategy for the 5D Data Mapping Problem in Angle Migration
D.M. Merten* (Fraunhofer ITWM)
14:20We LHR4 11 Parallel File System Profiling and Tuning Using Earthquake Simulation Application
G. Paciucci* (Intel Corporation), P. Thierry (Intel Corporation) & F. de Martin (BRGM)
14:45We LHR4 12 Interactive Load-balanced Computations Over Dynamic Resource Sets
V. Aggarwal* (Shell) & T. Nyberg (Shell)
15:10 Break
15:30We LHR4 13 GPU Performance Analysis of Discontinuous Galerkin Implementations for Time-Domain Seismic Wave Propagation
A. Modave* (Virginia Tech), J. Chan (Virginia Tech) & T. Warburton (Virginia Tech)
15:55We LHR4 14 GpuWrapper - A Portable API for Heterogeneous Programming at CGG
V. Arslan (CGG), J.Y. Blanc (CGG), F. Darden (CGG), M. Durocher (CGG), G. Sitaraman (CGG), M. Tchiboukdjian* (CGG), G. Thomas-Collignon (CGG) & S. Vitorino (CGG)
16:20We LHR4 15 Automating End-to-end Optimisation of Finite Difference Codes for Seismic Imaging
G. Gorman* (Imperial College London), M. Lange (Imperial College London), P. Kelly (Imperial College London), M. de Auiar (Imperial College London), F. Vieira Zacaria (Imperial College London) & N. Kukreja (Imperial College London)
16:45We LHR4 16 ACE - Reverse Migration at Extreme Scale
D. Gruenewald* (Fraunhofer ITWM)