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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Reservoir Characterization (A)
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Chairman de629bb3-ddec-4b12-a0d1-39e92380fe14 - Eni S.p.A. E&P

15:30We P7 13 Using Chronostratigraphic Correlation to Improve the Water Injection Process - Case Study Strambu, Romania
F Ulmeanu Enea* (OMV Petrom), M. Grigoras (OMV Petrom), I. Ivan (OMV Petrom), A.M. Martinescu (OMV Petrom) & V. Priescu (OMV Petrom)
15:55We P7 14 Reservoir Characterization and Development Optimization for a Super-giant Carbonate Reservoir
C. Wei* (PetroChina), Y. Li (PetroChina), Q. Zhang (PetroChina) & J. Zheng (PetroChina)
16:20We P7 15 Integrated Subsurface Description of Complex Esturarine and Deltaic Reservois in the Wara Formation, Burgan Field, Kuwait
B. Al-Enezi* (Kuwait Oil Company), M. Al-Naqi (Kuwait Oil Company), A. Bowman (BP), M. Wells (BP) & P. Maraj (BP)