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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Multi-component Seismic Data Processing
RoomLehar 5
TypeOral session
ChairmanC. Bagaini - Schlumberger
J.L. Boelle - Total

08:30Th LHR5 01 Wavefield Separation of Multicomponent Land Seismic Data Using Spatial Wavefield Gradients
C. Van Renterghem* (ETH Zurich), C. Schmelzbach (ETH Zurich) & J.O.A. Robertsson (ETH Zurich)
08:55Th LHR5 02 Comparisons between Buried and Laid Seabed Cable on the Valhall Field and Challenges Processing PZ and PS Data
A.F. Dawson* (Schlumberger), M. Porter (Schlumberger) & R. Frampton (Schlumberger)
09:20Th LHR5 03 SVD-based Hydrophone Driven Shear Noise Attenuation for Shallow Water OBS
A. Roodaki* (CGG), G. Bouquard (CGG), O. Bouhdiche (CGG), R. Sternfels (CGG), A. Rollet (CGG) & A. Lafram (Total)
10:10 Break
10:30Th LHR5 05 Application of PP-PS Joint Inversion in Thin Shale Interbed Prediction
G.C. Xu* (RIPED, PetroChina Limited), X.F. Liu (RIPED, PetroChina Limited), J.L. Guo (RIPED, PetroChina Limited), J.S. Li (RIPED, PetroChina Limited) & W.S. Huang (RIPED, PetroChina Limited)
10:55Th LHR5 06 Maximizing the Value of Sparsely and Irregularly Sampled OBC Seismic Data Offshore Abu Dhabi
S. Nakayama* (ADMA-OPCO / INPEX), M.A. Benson (ADMA-OPCO), O. Khakimov (CGG), F. Janik (CGG) & G. Kwasny (CGG)
11:20Th LHR5 07 Horizon-based Splitting Intensity Analysis and Inversion for Anisotropic Characterization
D. Boiero* (Schlumberger) & C. Bagaini (Schlumberger)
11:45Th LHR5 08 Multi-modal Surface Wave Inversion and Application to North Sea OBN Data
S. Hou (CGG), D. Zheng (CGG), X.G. Miao* (CGG) & R.R. Haacke (CGG)