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The technical programme is included in the Programme & Catalogue and can be downloaded as PDF here [699KB].

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Rejuvenating Mature Fields (SPE)
RoomSchubert 2
TypeOral session
ChairmanF.M. Verga - Politecnico di Torino
D. Perez -

13:30Th SBT2 09 Case Study of a Super-giant Field Rejuvenation
Y. Li* (RIPED, PetroChina), B. Li (RIPED, PetroChina), L. Liu (RIPED, PetroChina), L. Xiong (RIPED, PetroChina), H. Luo (RIPED, PetroChina), H. Peng (RIPED, PetroChina) & D. Wang (RIPED, PetroChina)
13:55Th SBT2 10 Production Acceleration in a Key Reservoir by Proactive Well Placement, Utilizing Innovative Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Technology in the Vienna Basin, Austria
P. Toth* (OMV), R. Knezevic (OMV), A. Blanzano (OMV), F. Chinellato (Schlumberger), V. Vergani (Schlumberger), O. Gorshenina (Schlumberger) & J.T. Dolan (Schlumberger)
14:20Th SBT2 11 Integrated Productivity Analysis for Revitalizing a Mature Field in Ecuador
R.M. Hernandez* (Halliburton) & S. Bustillos (Independent)
14:45Th SBT2 12 A Novel Methodology to Identify Short Term Production Opportunities in Mature Fields
J.E. Paredes* (Pemex E&P), Y.D. Munoz (Pemex E&P), R. Perez (Pemex E&P), L.M. Perera (Pemex E&P) & C.J. Larez (Schlumberger)
15:10 Break
15:30Th SBT2 13 Developing Marginal Near-tight Gas Fields in a Mature Area With Long-reach Hydraulically Fractured Wells - A Case Study
P. Weijermans* (Engie E&P Nederland B.V.), G. Daniau (Engie E&P Nederland B.V.) & D. Westerhof (Engie E&P Nederland B.V.)
15:55Th SBT2 14 Water-soluble Sodium Silicate Gelants for Water Management in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
D.G. Hatzignatiou* (UiS and IRIS) & N.H. Giske (IRIS)
16:20Th SBT2 15 First Sealant Application in a Multi-layered Reservoir with Water Entry in One Zone, in Lago Agrio Field, Ecuador
R.M. Hernandez* (Halliburton), D. Medina (Halliburton), F. Calderon (Halliburton), N. Enriquez (Halliburton) & M. Moran (Petroamazonas)
16:45Th SBT2 16 Maximizing Mature Field Production - A Novel Approach to Screening Mature Fields Revitalization Options
J. O'Brien* (Halliburton), L. Sayavedra (Halliburton), J.L. Mogollon (Halliburton), T.M. Lokhandwala (Halliburton) & R. Lakani (Halliburton)