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Sedimentology and Structural Geology
RoomStudents - Screen 1
TypePoster session
ChairmanA. Jardin - IFP Energies Nouvelles
D. Adelmann - Wintershall Holding GmbH

08:30Tu SP1 01 Lower Cretaceous Evolution of the Fingerdjupet Sub-basin
B. Acharyya* (University of Stavanger), A. Escalona (University of Stavanger), B.K.L. Bryn (Centrica) & S.S. Haaland (Centrica)
08:55Tu SP1 02 Seismic Characterization of Lower Cretaceous Clinoform Packages in the Fingerdjupet Sub-basin, Southwestern Barents Sea
C.H. Hinna* (University of Stavanger), A. Escalona (University of Stavanger), B.K.L. Bryn (Centrica) & S.S. Haaland (Centrica)
09:20Tu SP1 03 2D Flexural Modelling of the Barents Sea
H. Østebø* (University of Stavanger), A. Escalona (University of Stavanger) & N. Cardozo (University of Stavanger)
09:45Tu SP1 04 Evolution of the Eastern Austrian Molasse Basin - The Lower Miocene (Burdigalian) as a Key to the Understanding of the Ea
M. Palzer-Khomenko* (University of Vienna), W. Knierzinger (University of Vienna), M. Wagreich (University of Vienna), S. Gier (University of Vienna), M. Kallanxhi (Babeș-Bolyai University) & A. Soliman (Tanta University)
10:10 Break
10:30Tu SP1 05 Geological Mapping and Modelling of a Proposed Syn-rift Alluvial Fan Deposits in the Kerpini Fault Block, Greece
S. Hadland* (University of Stavanger), C. Townsend (University of Stavanger) & A. Escalona (University of Stavanger)
11:20Tu SP1 07 Strike-slip Structure and Kinematics of the Nubian Faults, South Egypt
S. Ibrahim* (Cairo University, Padova University), M. Massironi (University of Padua), D. Zampieri (University of Padua), S. Sakran (Cairo University) & A. Ninfo (University of Padua)
11:55Tu SP1 08 Reconstruction of Subsurface Depositional History of Onshore Niger Delta through Electro- and Seismo-sequence Analyses
J.R. Onayemi* (University of Lagos) & S.S. Oladele (University of Lagos)