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Seismology, Microseismic and Passive Seismic
RoomStudents - Screen 1
TypePoster session
ChairmanA. Sharma - Schlumberger
P.A.F. Christie - Schlumberger

13:30Tu SP1 09 Advantages of Probabilistic Approach to Microseismic Events Location - A Case Study from Northern Poland
W. Gajek* (Polish Academy of Sciences), J. Trojanowski (Polish Academy of Sciences) & M. Malinowski (Polish Academy of Sciences)
13:55Tu SP1 10 Upper Crustal Structure of Cameroon (West Africa) from Ambient Noise Love Wave Tomography
A.O. Ojo* (University of Science & Technology of China), S. Ni (Chinese Academy of Sciences) & Z. Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
14:20Tu SP1 11 Hazard Zonation Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment of Kedarnath Region
H. Gupta* (Indian School of Mines), A. Mehndiratta (Indian School of Mines) & A. Pilania (Indian School of Mines)
14:45Tu SP1 12 A Simple Velocity Inversion for Microseismic Event Location
W. Choi* (Inha University), S. Pyun (Inha University), W. Kim (Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) & H. Kim (Geoview)
15:10 Break
15:30Tu SP1 13 Response of Nepal Earthquake and its Associated Earthquakes Using Strong Ground Motion Data Recorded in Uttar Pradesh
M. Dagar* (Indian School of Mines) & B. Sharma (Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences)
15:55Tu SP1 14 Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment in Northeast of Iran
S.J. Motavalli Anbaran* (University of Tehran) & O. Bagherpur (University of Tehran)
16:20Tu SP1 15 Stress Change Pattern and their Relation with Orientation of Fault
A. Patel* (Indian School of Mines)
16:45Tu SP1 16 Estimation of Crustal and Upper Mantle Configuration of Dhanbad Region Using Receiver Function Analysis
A. Kumar* (Indian School of Mines), A. Verma (Indian School of Mines) & O.P. Mishra (Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences)